Is the CFL Considering 12 Minute Quarters?

He said the league has talked about 12-minute quarters as a means to shorten games and maintain focus of millennials, which actually might have come in handy Saturday.

Crazy idea if true. Youre either a football fan or youre not. If you cant handle an extra 12 minutes then dont bother attending or watching.

And millennials won`t be that happy either as it will cut down on their drinking time.

I would think there are other, better ways of speeding up the game than cutting quarters.

  1. Eliminate (or at least make more efficient) challenges and replays. When we get too many delays for reviews, it slows down the game. I don’t think cutting down to 48-minute games would help if there are still too many long pauses for reviews during those 48 minutes.

  2. Start the play clock sooner.

I like replays.

He’s looking at from an NBA point of view it seems.

I wouldn’t curb the length of the quarter. I agree with cutting down replay time and starting the clock sooner.

One thing I would like to see explored…and I may be only one in the planet who thinks this…
After the 3 minute warning, have the clock run the same way as it does for the other 54 minutes. Completed play inbounds = keepclock going. The end of the game and each half is such a crawl.

Stupid idea!



Just this weekend, I was chastised by posters for saying the games drag on too long.

As always, I’m ahead of the curve (smile).

I believe shortening the games will help the T.V. ratings.

I guarantee the number of viewers during the last minutes of an already decided game are anemic. And, all too often, because of reviews, time outs and arguments with ref, the last 2 minutes of a game can take 10+ minutes of real time. During that time, the “average” viewership is dropping like a stone and hurting the CFL in the eyes of advertisers.

If you don’t like 12 minute quarters, find a way to speed up the final minutes of a game - including the first half. It will be a Win-Win.

I agree, top to bottom.

  • The replay review should have a time limit - if you can’t decide after 60 seconds, the call on the field stands.
  • Time outs should be shorter - most times their only purpose is to stop the clock.

Re : “After the 3 minute warning, have the clock run the same way as it does for the other 54 minutes.”

I could go either way on this one…

Pros :

  • The running clock makes the final 2 minutes of NFL games soooo exciting.
  • It would speed up a CFL game considerably.

Con :

  • Giving a team a chance to comeback, because of the stoppages, makes the CFL very exciting.

A compromise? :

  • Run the clock at the end of the first half.
  • If the score differential is greater than 14 points at the end of the game, run the clock.

Well said.

Also, (endless) penalties really slow the game. There has to be a way to speed up that process.

Coaches demanding explanations needs to go…

How many times have we seen a ref spend (what seems like) 5 minutes talking to the coaches after a call?

Agree 100%.

The game is great the way it is. Don't fix what isn't broken.

If they shorten the game to 48 mins, does that mean game tickets will be cheaper ?

<“Randy said ‘any idea is not crazy’,?>

This idea is crazy.

If the CFL is having trouble maintaining the focus of millennials, if anything, replays should be the first to go.

If they choose to go that route they might as well lower ticket prices by 20 percent if they're not going to play the full game. Don't go shooting your foot by not respecting the fundamentals/common sense of the game.


I agree. There a many things that can be done BEFORE you change the length of the game - most have been discussed here.

I could go either way keep the same or go 12 minute quarters .

It’s the same game just shorter .

Might be pushed by TV rights holder as they might want time more similar to the MLS/ CPL that they can fit in tightly to a schedule .

If they do research on it they might find that it is appealing or detrimental to the advertisement game .

Not sure there would be much push back as it further distinguishes our game from the US game and really helps for some people who travel and need to drive distances back especially at night .

Its time for that idiot union man of a comish to go!

But wouldn't the same abandonment by viewers still happen with shorter quarters, just earlier?


When I said shortening the game would be beneficial for TV ratings, I meant thru ways other than shortening the quarters to 12 minutes.


I was thinking you should extend the playclock… players are huffing as it is…

If you want to tighten up, decrease bottom salary to 50K and have a 16 game season.

Don’t have as many tv timeouts. Every time you do, you have to have filler on the field, which starts to get boring for the live crowd. I mean, we need ads, but sometimes, the man in the red shirt, is seemingly always out there…