Is the CFL becoming the No Fun League?!?!?

More like the "No Fund's League." Like the fans. :thup:

Not sure what 1 cops actions have to do with the CFL in any way. If the CFL commissioner was up there saying don't do it then you would have a case for the thread title.

Do people not realize that there is always a handful of people in security and law enforcement that do so because they need to feel powerful. That is simply a cop that was sent by the city and has nothing to do with anything team or league related.

Work on your thread titling ability.

I don’t see how lifting someone willingly is against any law. So why would a security or law enforcement take issue with that??

Since security take direction from the Ticats and hence the CFL during these public events. Events like what happen on Friday and what is happening in Winnipeg with the “Beer Snake” ban makes me wonder if the Ticats and CFL are doing things that are counter the “game day experience” marketing that the Ticats and CFL prides itself on.

I believe this is the trend ever since 911. The downfall of that terrible event is the fact that insurance companies took a bath, and therefore have become even more stringent with regards to liabilities etc. They've become over protective and it's costing us with higher premiums and deductibles on some items (drug plans etc) where in the past there were none.

It's certainly not illegal so it must be a liability thing. If someone gets hurt they could sue the team and or the city since they own IWS.

I am sure the Cats direct security but not the police. Maybe Bob or someone else from the team can clarify that.