Is the CFL becoming the No Fun League?!?!?

I can't believe what I saw tonight. As someone who has been sitting in Box J for over 10+ years, I sit near the "Box J Boys" and I actually "like" what they do... they are passionate fans who support the team through good times and bad times and are always there too cheer up the crowd and team whenever needed. And alot of people actually think that the Box J Boys make the Box J section the place to sit in Ivor Wynne.

And for those who don't know, the Box J Boys have been doing this "Touchdown Press" after each Ticat point scored for as long as I can remember. Heck the Ticats even show the Boys doing this press in their programs and during game day promos. They lift big and small, girls, boys, Stripes, Pig Skin Pete and kids of all ages and never have I seen an incident or issue with the Touchdown Press. Heck, there is usually a line up of kids waiting to get lifted with their parents smiling and encouraging them on.

But today was a new story... Apparently there was a "new" police officer who's never worked a Ticat game before and he had an issue with the Box J Boys doing their Touchdown Press celebration after the first touchdown. From what I heard and saw, apparently he didn't like what the Box J Boys were doing and wanted it to stop asap. After the second TD, the Box J Boys did their traditional TD press only to have this new police officer come down with 3 security guards in an effort to get the Box J Boys to stop. And when he came down, it was greeted with a chorus of BOOS from myself and the rest of the people in Box J/K and the various sections around the Box J Boys. After that, there was a discussion throughout the WHOLE game about what these passionate fans were doing with the with this new cop, Ticat staff and security on the top of Box J.

When the Ticats scored again, they lifted Pig Skin Pete and the whole section counted along with the Box J Boys with no issues. But you can tell this new cop was pissed this was going on...

All I can say is when the product on the field has sucked over the years. Its been the people & friends I see in the crowds that have gotten me through the games and actually make me want to come and enjoy the game in person. And when the CFL stops taking the GOOD NATURED FUN out of the stands by doing things to stop people from doing Touchdown Presses or making Beer Snakes in Winnipeg. I might was well stay home and what the game in the comfort of my living room. As the so called "game day" experience in the stands will be nothing but a bunch of people sitting on their hands..

I hope the CFL and Ticats continue to allow fans to express and enjoy themselves while at the game. Yes I understand there needs to be limits to control the out of control fans. But things like the Beer Snake and Touchdown Press add to the in game experience and the police and security need to worry about those out of control fans and ensure peoples safety then worry about what some passionate fans do in the stands to cheer on there team.

Anyone know what was going on with the BOX J Boys and the CATS Team after are last touchdown when they lifted pigskin pete up?

The Police wouldnt allow them to throw him up, or something like that according to callers on the fifth quarter.


That's what that was about? Man, I'm guessing this security guard has never seen a football game before. Stuff like that happens at a lot of games. The Notre Dame Leprechaun does it at every Irish game. If you're not harming anyone, and everyone is doing it voluntarily, I see no problem with it. If anything, that guard needs to have a talking to.

much agreed that this was a stupid thing for the police officer to do and the security guards to agree to. i sit in row 7 box J and i couldnt see what was going on but by the sounds of things i guessed what was going on (which i was pritty well right) . the reason i choose to sit there was becasue because of the box j boys and the bench. they are just as important as TC, stripes and pigskin pete in my opinion.

much agreed that this was a stupid thing for the police officer to do and the security guards to agree to. i sit in row 7 box J and i couldnt see what was going on but by the sounds of things i guessed what was going on (which i was pritty well right) . the reason i choose to sit there was becasue because of the box j boys and the bench. they are just as important as TC, stripes and pigskin pete in my opinion.

Yep, that's what it was all about... police officers, lots of security staff and Ticat staff must have had nothing else to do but keep an eye on what the Box J Boys were doing and have been doing for years now with no issues or problems from anyone.

If events like this and in Winnipeg with the Beer Snake is the sign of No Fun League BS crowd rules coming to the CFL... it won't matter where they put the new stadium because screw the driveway to driveway experience, I'll have the "couch to fridge" experience and watch the game at home in front of my TV.

We all thought it was a fight or something. We figured some Bummer fans got stupid and then got smacked. But for it to be a security guard telling the Boys not to do their TD celebration...

The only thing that's appropriate is: :roll:

I'm sure that won't happen again, if it does then I'll personally threaten to not renew my seasons next year.

I totally support what the BOX J boys do after every touchdown scored, an as mentioned I have seen many worse things go on at US college games on tv, at Tiger-Cat games and even at high school football games through out the years, it is just simple fun, everything is done carefully and there is little to no chance of someone getting hurt. And the fans love it. And it is actually great entertainment.

The Box J boys are proabably the most visible fan group the team has, and they are surely reconizable around the league, so special privledges should be given to them. After all they seem to go above and beyond for their passion of the team.

But there is likely more to the story that we aren't aware of. I don't think the cop was acting alone, there were 3 or 4 other police officers at the top of the stands that were backing him. Not sure why they didn't come down, but I'm sure the "new" officer wasn't acting alone. Also the Cat team was talking with the police for quite a while before they came down to talk to the Box J boys in what seemed like a pretty serious discussion at times. However I was just observing, nowhere near involved.

The only thing that really bothered me personally, was during the Pigskin Pete toss up, there was an older gentleman with an "Honourary BOX J BOY" shirt on in the aisle middle fingering the police with every count of the toss in plain view of children, and other fans. Regardless if the police are right or wrong in the situation, he had no business sticking it to the police like that and acting boorish in front of other fans. Show some respect. The situation was probably a little heated, and there were some emotions running, but he should have been much more reserved.

Also I was waiting in line for 25 minutes to get into the stadium for the home opener along with allot of other people, when 2 guys with "Box J Boys" shirts came along, cut the line and headed in. Can't say there were many that were very impressed who were around me. There is nothing worse then people who cut lines to get into the stadium. The security does a horrible job at policing it, but that is completely a different topic all together.

Hopefully everything gets resolved, and the Box J Boys continue to be good ambassadors for the team. Judging by the attendance this evening, we can use all the help we can get.



I think the second paragraph I've quoted above sums up the situation better than the first one. The Box J boys may be entertaining, but they're still fans like the rest of us and should be subject to the same rules. And while folks who sit in Box J will recognize the regulars, there's nothing (apart from ticket availability) to stop random people from showing up in black and yellow kilts. From the police/security point of view, the problem is that on any given day you don't know whether any bad apples have shown up. From a practical point of view, the Box J boys need to be treated like every other fan.

8) "safetyblitz", those two paragraphs caught my attention also.
  "Devourer"  certainly contradicted himself with those comments, didn't he ??    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

What a great way to shoot yourself in the foot. The cop, probably new and without any Tiger Cat game experince shoot eliminate himself from any further extra paid duty. I like the Touchdown press and sit roughly 30 seats west of the press. Don't piss$#%^ the fans and go catch some real criminals. Let's hope the Cops rertreat to their usual hangout Time Hortons.

After last night's game I was certain a thread titled...

"Is the CFL becoming the No Fun League?!?!?"

...was going to have been started by a Bombers fan!

8) Don't give those Bomber fans any new ideas now, Bob. :wink:

As per the 5th Quarter with Ted MIchaels last night, he is looking into the e-mail I sent him with regards to the officer and what happened. I know, like many I have talked with, my daughter and I chose to sit in that section 5 years ago because of the atmosphere that the "Box J" Boys bring to the game, win or lose.

Everybody who takes part in the traditional "tossing" have fun and talked about it for years to come. I have seen many people, from former CFL Commisioners, T.V. personalities, etc., take part and enjoy it.

I am hoping that the young officer was just new to the game, the tradition and what it means to be a Hamiton TIger Cat fan and a ticket holder in that section. I am sure if he comes back and chats with the boys, all will be forgiven and he will be well respected for it.

Please do not take this part of the tradition out of the game.

Season Ticket holder, Box J, Row #16, Seat #44 & #45

I was the Box J Boy who spoke to the Cat's staff after we tossed Pete.
I asked what what going on that in 10 years we've never "pressed" anyone ,child or adult, with out their consent
and to my knowledge have never had a serious injury. Accept the time we lifted that guy who
weighed 300lbs + for 21 points..but that's another story!
He explained the officer was enforcing what he knew the rules to be, and the Ticats staff said "we're going
to work with the police on this." It would really be a shame if we had to drop the "press"
Thanks for your support everyone, I encourage everyone to write or call the Cats and let them know how they feel.



I'm one of the founding BoxJBoys members who's been sitting in Box J for over 15 years and a Ticat season ticket holder for almost 20 years. And I just would like to clarify a few things.

  1. The BoxJBoys have grown from 5 members to approx 50 official BoxJBoys members and we all have the same goal in mind. That is too have fun supporting the Ticats pre-game, during games in the stands and after games.

  2. The BoxJBoys expect too be treated like any other fan or fan group in the stands and we are not looking for the Ticats or security or anyone else to make "special exceptions" for us. Again we are not supported by the Ticats in any way and purchase our tickets like everyone else.

  3. We've been wearing "kilts" to the Ticat games home and away and to many a Grey Cup for over 10 years now. Because of that, we have the fortune or rather the misfortune of being easily recognizable and people seem to remember everything we do. I'm fairly certain that things we do that are perceived as good or bad are the exact same things that other fans are doing.

  4. What happened last night was unfortunate. We were only doing what we have been doing for years and that is to add to the excitement in the stands. As Jare mentioned previously, people volunteer to be pressed and nobody has been injured. And we've lifted people of all sizes big and small.

I'm fairly certain that more people have been injured trying to grab a free hotdog or free T-Shirt that was fired out of that air gun into the stands. And Ticats, Security, Police seem to have no issue with that liability.

But Thanks for everyones support and kind words! I hope we don't have to have a "Save the TD Press" campaign similar to the "Save the Beer Snake" campaign that's happening in Winnipeg.


I can tell you that the police usually do not act on enforcing this kinda stuff without being notified by security staff that it is unwanted behaviour. Security staff usually advise police that they would like it stopped. I dont think the officer was trying to stop all your fun. Im sure he or she would have rather collected their pay without doing a thing. Security staff at IWS are a little over zealous at times, usually the newbies.

Im pretty confident Box J will continue on for the rest of the year without any issues from police, unless prompted by security staff.