Is the CFL accountable to the fans?

The CFL lives because fans like us support and enjoy the sport. Without that support the league would fail. I don't think that is too big an assumption. At the same time I as an unashamed Rider fan must listen to TSN announcers dissect each play from a Toronto perspective. Any success was a great play by the Argo offence/defence, any failure was a mistake by the Argo defence/offence. A tackle on the Argo running back was referred to as a vicious helmet to helmet infraction (which it may have been, and I certainly don't like to see the league's stars kept from performing) but no one even seemed to notice the helmet to helmet tackle made on Geroy Simon. Check the game film and if that wasn't helmet to helmet then I'm sadly mistaken. Geroy, to his credit, didn't get up demanding a penalty. I'm a homer and I freely admit it but I'm rational enough to recognize biased reporting when I hear it. It is time to celebrate what the Riders have created instead of being bitter about it.'s okay to vent, even nonsensically, sometimes it helps to just get it out, looking forward to your post next year....

But it's all ok when Glen suitor raves about the Riders after every play. See ya next year.


You are riot sometimes RedandWhite! Do you know that? :rockin:

The irony is deafening.

If the CFL was accountable we would not have to put up with the Refing we see game after game. Today's Rider Argos game was beyond believe. Suing an openly questioned numerous calls on National TV. In the NFL they refs let the players play and call blatant penalties. Andrea Proulox (not sure of the spelling) looked like a fool out their today Can't run a coin toss, can't spot the ball properly even after video review which Dunigan questions, can't call out the proper team that fumbles, pass interference which Dunigan questioned 3 times, suing an questioning Refs not throwing flags foe plays right in front of them, and it goes on and on.

Tom Higgins should be fired for the level of Reffing he has allowed.

Let me guess. Your a Rider fan ?

blah blah blah reffing waah waah waah waah waah I can ref better than them blah waaah blaah waah I just watch the games so I can find fault with the refs waah waah waah waah, couldnt care less about the actual good plays, waah blah waaaaaaaah

bunch of idiots.

Yeah because throwing 3 interceptions and missing field goals, bad snaps has no bearing on the results :lol:

Funny we never heard them complaining about the reffing when they were winning . Karma,s a bitch isn't it.

So I watched this game on PVR this morning, and I don't know what people are talking about on the commentary. Dunnigan talked about both teams.

Now, the officiating? I give the refs a pass in the Winnipeg game on the early fumble because it was so fast at full speed, but how do you miss Anderson's flagrant face mask on the ball carrier?

If you can't make the call when the ball carriers head is twisted around like that, the league has a major problem. Ditto with the fumble on the sidelines that had to be challenged, the ball was a couple feet away on the turf FFS.