Is the cap good or bad?

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Incase anyone missed it, (Which I doubt) heres a link to the story again.

Creating parity in a professional sports league is always good.

...IT'S GOOD....if there's full compliance by ALL teams.....if no effort would have been made to create some sort of parity....we would be looking at a 'shrunken' the not too distant future.... :idea:

It's great. Finally we don't have to see Edmonton and Montreal every year. :wink:

you will still see edmonton and montreal every year but now you will have to find something else to whine about like " its not fair that they have so many fans come to their games!"

What the heck does that mean?

I think he means,with a cap the Esks and Als won't be in the Greycup hunt anymore..I disagree.
Both teams have great managenent, unless all there skilled players leave this year..they will be in the mix.

It means that there will be more parity across the league, which means that it is unlikely that the exact same pair of teams will not play in the grey cup 3 out of 4 years.

Still could happen, unlikley yes, but for the next few years,my bet is they will still be in the mix of the grey cup.

You must have missed out on 2004. :lol:

the Cup is great! and it's also great to vote in the majorilty for a chage.

I think it’s about damn time!

Also…why are they having the meetings in Arizona. Support the local Canadian economy. Hold the meeting at some hotel or convention centre in CANADA! Isn’t it the Canadian Football League. I remember even visiting some of the team web sites and noticed that some of the spelling wasn’t Canadian. Like centre, colour or favourite. I wrote to two of them and asked them to correct it to the Canadian spelling, one, the Argos, did it almost right away. That’s listening to their fans. I am glad I am an Argos fan! GO ARGOS!

it doesnt matter,players will take less to play in edmonton, then to play in regina. lol, ottawa, lol..

Cap is great for the most part but we will have to see how it all shakes out in the end, levels the playing field like in the NFL and NHL. Some of it now may come down to for free agents where a player plays is if he likes the city or if the team is a true GC contender if the money being offered is practically the same from team to team, although I guess there still could be some big differences here even with a cap system.

what happens with the money paid in fines by offending teams?

I would like to see it divided equally amongst the NON offending teams. Allow them to compensate with bonuses team members (legally above the salery cap). Would be a way to compensate/reward the teams following the laws.

On what do you base the fact that the ALS break the cap????????
I would really like to know. I am not saying they are the only ones respecting the cap but every-time the topic comes up Montreal is mentioned!
Montreal has the smallest stadium in the league! Where is all this money coming from?

How many top notch players have the Als let go every year because they cant or wont pay the ridiculous salaries that are asked?????

Who was the last big name free agent the Als lured away from another team with a big salary?.

They produce winning teams every year with great coaching great scouting and great management!!! Not with money

Agreed ro1313, and the same goes for edmonton(alot of the talented players on the team were scouted and developed here).

Sounds good to me, but it should also go the the league as well, for promote, ref training, etc.

but then again, would that would encourage teams to break it I wonder and you REALLY don't want to have teams doing it for that. Stupid reason, yes.