Is the "Big Owe" in Montreal the biggest joke in Canadian sports history?

No idea, Montreal still doesn’t have the major league team they wanted for this stadium. The only word I can think of is “joke”. Of course in addition to sadness for Montreal and Quebec taxpayers for this “joke”. And this “joke” sounds like it’s going to keep going on for some time to come.

The history of the Big Owe is very complicated … built in the height of union power in the early-mid 1970s, various construction unions rotated strikes to drive up the cost of their workers, and as no other union workers would cross the picket lines the delays led to essentially a 24-hour construction schedule and O/T out the ying-yang … THAT, along with a complex stadium design, drove the cost through the roof.

The design, along with its location above a Metro line, also has apparently eliminated the option of imploding it and even “de-construction” is prohibitively expensive … now the Quebec government faces the choice of having facility that can only be used for about half the year (until temperatures make it unfeasible) or investing hundreds of millions in a new roof.

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Bingo as you say “complicated”. Yes. Sad situation for taxpayers which I think you mean by “complicated” at least in some respect.
Not as complicated as the Rogers Centre, which yes Rogers bought for a song at $25 mill after the many millions of taxpayer money was spent, but Rogers Centre has a major league tenant of which the owner now is spending millions, in the hundreds with a roof that continues to work. The “Big Owe” needs a major league tenant and if they can’t get this, which I don’t think is possible, tear the f…er down I would think, dump this thing in this case. Or convert it into public funds for the homeless for a place to live, at least.