is the Barrin back??????

.....sounds that way.....Kelly has just said that Simpson will be on the sidelines for the Banjo Bowl....and IF he drops his 'trade me' talk will be welcomed back....I think that's best for everyone...c'mon Barrin, :thup: :rockin: we need ya down the stretch...goBigBlue..

I'm with you Papa. Kelly has kept those doors open. It's complety up to Simpson. Hope he has a change of heart.

Hmmm if this is true makes you wonder, think maybe Kelly got a talking to from someone? if Simpson goes Kelly should be right behind him

I think it is genuine. When you compare Kelly pre-season to now the man is learning... good thing. :thup:

What has he learned? :roll:

Armstrong: Cut him despite making the team weaker
Simpson: Ate is pride and is prepared to let the player make the decision since they have to pay him and need him.

And NO I don't believe he is born again... enlightened or transformed but at least he's not making the same mistakes over and over.

Its way to early to say he has learned anything lol, i really doubt he has, and after todays game I wonder what lesson he has learned, it could get ugly in Bomberland today :slight_smile:

.....hjfxtc and riderfan ,i'm sure, you'll find some 'positive' way to spin all things that happen with the BigBlue , .... :lol: :lol: ..NOT.... :lol: :lol:

According to CFL transactions of today-September 13,2009- Simpson is gone for the rest of the year; hence, on injury list till November 14,2009.


They put him on the 9 IRL ? Wow ! What a mess.

Richard where do you get all that shhhtuff ?

.....after's a wonder Barrin isn't back in Texas...never mind on the Bomber sidelines like Kelly was going on about....

Says Barrin was put on the injured list for one game.

On September 12, it says “to Saturday,September,19, but, on September 13,it says to Saturday,November,14”.


Per TSN, 9 game injured list. That's probably the last we see of Barrin for the year. Too bad, the linebacking core looked like it was missing something today for sure, seemed outta position, lot of missed tackles. Then JLo gets tossed, Siddeeq taking multiple penalties. The turf toe might've been slowing him down the last couple of weeks, but he was still making plays. Too bad this happened.