Is the Argo ship taking on water?

By firing Kent Austin, is the Argo ship taking on water? Is this just the beginning or will more be tossed overboard? Is Pinball safe? Did Pinabll fire Kent or was this down from the top? Is Pinball in control?

With all the hype about Ricky Williams been a distraction to the other players on the blue team? Too many superstars?


Spergeon Wynn=disaster

2006 = disaster

I said it at the Renegade sale that they had a horrible draft and took for granted the talent they had to be good enough for this season based on last year's success. They had a horrible offseason and are being punished for it now.

Ya and i hope there boat sinks.It would be nice to see if Pinball can build a team from the bottom up.

The Good Ship Argo Has Been Cannon Balled..

It's taking on Water

Their Trying to bail it out with Sand Bucket

when they Need a Pump

I hope Ham doent take the Boatmen to lighty, they will be coming here and playing with pride, just like we did last week against Peg. There is still a lot of talent on the Argos.

I'm with catfish on this one - this thread will (hopefully) be a lot more appropriate on Sunday morning. It is tempting fate to post threads with this title the week before playing a team that was embarrassed in its previous game.

Iam with you to pal. :thup:

Yeah we don’t want to wind up looking as stupid as all those Bomber fans and experts who picked us to get flattened last week. With all this noise going on in Argo land I’d expect them to come out fired up on Saturday, they won’t be the same pathetic group from last thursday.

I don't think offense will probably confuse the Argos.

They will be using the same playbook, Damon will probably be calling his own plays also.

I think that if we can sustain some pressure on Damon early, (not that we would want to knock him out of the contest because of "good old Hamilton gang tackling" or anything)we can improve our chances of gaining some very much needed momentum. Our defence has shown some signs of gelling as well as our O-Line.

IMO, "easier offense" = easier to defend.

Are you jumping ship TOFAN, only a third of the way in? The next three games will prove a lot, both as to the makeup of this club and the KA decision. Stay with us at least until then, okay?! :thup: :lol:

I’m with Caretaker on this one.

The jury is out on the Argo’s until we get a chance to see their changes come out on the field on Saturday night.

They retain an excellent D that is superbly coached. The ST’s will burn you on a regular basis. Damon stands at the top of the League, if he’s healthy, and Wynn has beaten us before. With Avery, they have a top RB, and their receivers are as good as anyone’s.

Lets not get complacent, this will be a major effort!

Hamilton has to play the Argos this Saturday with the same amount of pride and determination as they showed against the Bombers. Do NOT take this team lightly. As pointed out in prior postings, this team still has alot of talent. So the Cats should use a similar approach to the Argos as they did against the Bombers...RUN THE BALL DOWN THEIR THROATS....AND STOP THEIR RUN ATTACK. Sure as shooting, Avery will be handed the ball more than we've seen recently.

The 34 Defence the Argos Run..
Should be good For Running..

we should also try and Run alot Deep Crossing Rotues on pass plays
Opening up the Med and Short Range Pass Game

Sorry Bob,

I did not intend to add wind to the Argo sails for the game this Saturday. But it does sound like there is something going on with the Argos after they let Baker and Austin go. IMO the problems the Argos are having seem to be more deep rooted than we are led to believe.



But Hamilton doing the same thing, (firing coach and star player), is different because…

I’d rather be on a ship that’s taking on water than in a Cat’s cage! :lol:


I am not talking about the TiCats here. Hamilton has its problems which seem to be ironing themselves out (we shall see this Saturday). I am strictly looking at the situation in Toronto and that is all. The Argos fire their offensive coordinator because he could not effectively produce points with a complex system and a back-up new quaterback to the Argo organization. Damon Allen, a great quaterback in every respect had the system down pat and could execute the system of Kent Austin. But Spergeaon Wynn can't and you fire Kent because of that? Same thing happened when Michael Bishop took over, he could not get the offensive scheme to work well for him either. If Toronto is such a high powered team, can't they wait a week or so until Damon comes back?

This firing of Kent Austin is not the same as firing Greg Marshall. Firing Marshall and brining in a new headcoach maintians the consistency of the other coaches for this season. Firing someone like Kent Austin indicates that a new philosophy on the offence is needed which may take some time to develope. I sense that the team is being run from the upper management position and I would not be surprised at the end of the season seeing Pinball resign as headcoach rather than face the indignaty of being fired.