Is the Argo-Al game on TSN out West?

Last week no Argo-Redblack thread either. Poor Taylorfield trying to make conversation on the Ticat board but the pickings are pretty slim there as well.

Yup the game is on here in Vancouver. I'm channel surfing between hockey baseball and some football

Stuck watching he game on TSN as RDS has the Habs-Sabres game on (and &*^^%%^# Rogers doesn’t offer RDS2 in Ottawa).

Turns out all the Als were missing was me suffering through Matt Dunnigan cheerleading the Argos despite being three TDs down.

then you missed nothing because he has not been doing that

Sorry, I mistook his rabid enthusiasm and excitement for any little thing the Argos did when down 3 TDs at the end of the 1st half as cheerleading.

My bad apparently.

dunigan cheerleads anything cfl, specially on the field. Don't matter the team.

Doesn’t make it any easier to listen to; mindless rah-rah becomes even more annoying when there is no basis for either rah, let alone both.

I find Matt refreshing, but of course not perfect. Seems to me he has been more about praising Glenn than anything else this game, and that’s alright with me

He knows the game (which puts him one up on Duanne Forde) and he has genuine enthusiasm (which puts him miles ahead of the plastic Rod Black). I can over look the rah-rah because he genuinely loves the league and the game. I wouldn’t want him doing games every week, but I usually enjoy it when he does one here and there.

Wow.. could Kevin Glenn lead the Als to the Grey Cup?

Nah…the Riders will make no mistake leaving Montreal with a victory after Sunday’s game on November 8th. :cowboy:

My expectation is that at best Glenn can be “not bad” enough to not get in the way of the defence and Stephan Logan/Boris Bede and the ST. IF the Als make the playoffs it eill be the D and ST that get the Als there; and any playoff victories will be the same formula. Glenn’s role is to not go 2 and out every series and take advantage too some degree when the D/ST gives the offence good field position.