is that the end for jamie and pat fleming

I could kick a Poodle further than Boreham can kick a football. Even if Setta doesn't make the team... CUT BOREHAM! I'd rather not have a kicker at all.

  • Go for it on EVERY 3rd down.
  • Go for 2 after EVERY TD.
  • Kickoffs? Use one of the cheerleaders.

If we have Jamie on the team when the season starts... I will be dissapointed.

When we miss 30 yard field goals we give up that field position anyways... so why not just for for it? And when our punts net us 5-10 yards... might as well go for it then as well.

Jamie can catch on in the Arena League or something.

Good bye.

With the NFL season winding down and Mike Vanderjagt not getting any interest seemingly.
Maybe he could be convinced to end his career close to home in Hamilton.
Would a signing bonus dated November 18 still be under the salary cap. :wink:

A agree he best Option..
Problem is would he Come back ..
Oakville is Just about 45 Min Drive..

I think if he was Smart he Socked some Money away.
Dallas gave him a Huge Signing Bonus..

So maybe he sign for Vet Base Salary..

After watching the video of Coach Taaffe's press conference I am glad to hear him say that special teams are a priority. All facets of this unit need to improve if the team has any hope of getting into the playoffs.

Mike V is from Oakville but lives just north of Waterdown.

Minor geography, but the reason that Mike is not playing in the NFL is because he does not want to be a rent-a-kicker guy.
He was offered a job with a NFL team after his release from Dalls, and he turned it down because he didn’t want a job for 1/2 a season.
He will be back in the NFL next year kicking for some NFL team at more than $1,000,000 a season.
Morten Anderson still has an NFL job for Petes sake. Mike will catch on somwhere in the NFL for sure.