is that the end for jamie and pat fleming

Do you think we will now release jamie boreham and pat fleming with the signing of setta?

I believe that Boreham will be cut in training camp, and Fleming will be traded before training camp as part of a package of players in a deal to help improve the Ticats (maybe for a D-Lineman, Linebacker or Receiver?)

I believe Fleming will be dealt as well, I can't see Jamie being around till T.C. He will most likely be cut before jan.'07

i hope so

Why cut Jamie?

You have to have some competition in camp, and you do not get any advantages cutting him early.

Let him compete in camp.
He did kick a 60 yarder to end the Black and Gold game last year.

Perhaps Tillman would be interested in Flemming.
He had him in Ottawa as a punter with American Lawrence Tynes (KC NFL) doing placements.
Sask. punter is the worst in the CFL.

cuz hes crap

This isn't the end of anyone. This is just another kicker for camp. He finished up at Notre Dame in 2003 so what has he done lately? This guy has bounced around several teams in the last few years so I'm not even sure how good he is. (If he was really good, wouldn't he have caught on somewhere by now?)

It really doesn't matter how good he is. It would be a huge bonus if he turnd out to be a good kicker but at this point the kicker that we already have is the worst in the league. When players and coaches lose faith in their kicker... time for a change.

Seriously... don't you think it's pretty sad when you have a kicker who struggles to make 30 yarders?

Easy boys, easy. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. I remember a punter we had in camp a few years back that was supposed to be able to punt the ball from Ivor Wynne into Lake Ontario. When the rubber hit the road during a game situation, he was useless. Bring them all to camp. Let them play in preseason games, and then we’ll see.

if boreham makes the team next season, its a sure sign the ticats will miss the playoffs again.

I wouldn't even bring Boreham to camp. Show the players and fans that you're serious about making improvements. Even if Jamie performs well in Training Camp... too bad. He's had 3 seasons to prove himself as a CFL kicker. That's enough. Time to move on.


We can replace Boreham with just about any kicker in college football (Canada or USA). At worst the kicker will be of the same caliber as Boreham... missing 30 yarders on a regular basis... not like our kicking game will get any worse.

Depends on the ratio of number of place kickers to number of placing kicking jobs.

If there's a glut of kickers out there, then he might be just what we're looking for.

If there aren't that many good kickers out there, then yeah, he should have hooked on somewhere.

Personally, I think there are lots of kickers out there.

rusty25, it sounds like you are afraid
to have Boreham compete at Training Camp.

Are you afraid the coaches may choose him
to handle our kicking game again?

Our G.M. is showing us he is serious
about improving our punting/kicking game

because he is bringing in competition
for both Jamie Boreham and Dave Fleming.

I hope they keep Pat Flemming
why not try to convert Boreham back to safety?

haha he'd be a ball booter turn ball burner

I think you missed my point. This guy has bounced around NFL teams for the last couple of years and hasn't caught on anywhere. If he were good, he would have stuck somewhere. Even NFL teams with all their money can't find reliable kickers. (Think Bill Parcells and how much he likes kickers.) And the NFL doesn't have to worry about any ratio stuff like we do in the CFL. Now, if you're talking about purely the number of kicking jobs available, well, between the NFL and the CFL there's at least 40 kicker positions (assuming 1 per team, even though NFL teams have more). So again, if he were any good, he would have caught on somewhere by now.

Finally, I'm all for bringing in new guys for training camp, I just don't think he's our saviour of kicking. A lot of people get carried away with these off-season signings like they are going to turn our team around instantly, guess what, that doesn't happen with every guy we sign. I remember last year we had a lot of talk about this Andy Petek guy like he was some great Canadian hope, well, he didn't even make the team. So I'd suggest we reserve our judgements on these signings of guys you've never heard of until we see them play in the pre-season.

Unless he's a huge improvement over Boreham, it'll come down to his passport.

An Argo fan

I hope so! I want to see ONE player do good at both jobs! :thup:

I hope there is a solid competition at training camp and that the result is an upgraded kicking game. In competitive terms, more IS more...

One guy who can do two jobs is better than two, IMHO. I have no qualms about getting an import to accomplish that. I believe that for this team to get back into playoff contention, we need to find ways to win field-position battles and have consistency in the placekicking area. Period.

If Jamie and Pat or another configuration thereof can seal the deal in camp, more power to them. For me, the jury is definitely out. Perhaps Setta will emerge. If another guy or two needs to be brought in to make the competition complete, so be it.

To win the East anytime soon, we need to reach an equivalent level to Duval (Montreal) and Prefontaine (Toronto) kicking-wise, game in and game out. Winnipeg's kicking game is decent but doesn't particularly wow me. I do know this: if the Cats have no bump from last year's performance in the special teams area overall, we will be at a distinct disadvantage in 2007.

Oski Wee Wee,

Getting cut from NFL teams does not mean a lot.
Teams tend to stick with their own proven guys, and a new kicker would have to far exceed the existing kicker.

The other thing about Nick Setta is that he is equally good at punting and placekicking which is not a big advantage in the NFL because every team has a punter and a placekicker. He may not be outstanding at either, but effective at both. His real advantage is to a smaller rostered CFL team where it is an advantage to do both jobs.