Is that it?

So is that it for the free agent draft? I know we have some good dbs but does that mean we can't upgrade? Is there anyone left that could make the pre season camp interesting?

That's the thing, other Guillory there isnt any quality players in free agency. Thats why teams shouldnt depend on free agency to build their team. It`s about quality scouting and drafting.

I thought Battle and Fletcher might be worth a look?

In the secondary I think if we can find a replacement for Gordon wed be pretty solid. That guy may already be in house with several guys that were on the team last year. Guillory is who Id like to get but with him garnering NFL interest it might be why he`s not signed yet.

The window for option year CFL players to sign with NFL teams usually ends one day before the CFL free agency period begins. The 2009 option year window expired on Feb 15th at 12:01 a.m.

Free Agency is not a draft whatsoever..

I'm surprised that Flick hasn't been signed somewhere yet.

His leg is toast. He will not be the same as he was when he was here last

Guillory isn't in an option year (or Edmonton chose not to renew), he's a free agent.

The "window" only applies to option year players. Players in their option year (club option) are by definition not free agents. If their current team picks up his option they still have the player under contract until they either release him or the renewed contract expires (at the end of the option year).

Anyone who is currently a free agent has either had their contract expire, been released by their club, or was never under contract to a club to begin with.

Zematis is our man!!!

You think a reserve DB is our man? A guy who couldn't earn a starting job against mostly equally inexperienced competition?

Most CFL teams only keep 1 or maybe 2 non-starting import DB's on the active roster so he might not even make camp. He has proved nothing.

Sorry but I don't see your logic. Maybe explain it better..

safetyblitz wrote:

Guillory isn't in an option year (or Edmonton chose not to renew), he's a free agent.
You are correct, safetyblitz. Apologies to scotty_dogg. Having read some newspaper reports over the off-season about NFL teams being interested in Guillory, I surmised that he was in his option year but, as your post states, he is a free agent. Interesting to know that he is still available for any team to sign.

To be fair to Zemaitis, he was injured all training camp last year and didn't get a shot. He was actually released at the end of camp but brought back when he healed up a month or so into the season...

He is a very talented cover guy and at 6'2" he has great height for a DB... I look forward to watching him compete in camp this year. He could very well take Gordon's job and to be honest I see either Tisdale or Zemaitis playing Gordon's Corner spot this season.

I'm still a little surprised that nobody is looking at him. At this point, how does it hurt someone to bring him into camp?? You're probably right, that kind of injury definately limits a guy, but if he can pass a physical I don't see why someone wouldn't want to give him a shot.