Is Taaffe next on the chopping block??

Now that Desjardins is gone should they axe coach Taaffe. Im still undecided. Originally I thought Taaffe would be a great fit for the cats, and even though you cant blame our record solely on him. It seemed like the whole team didn`t respond to him. Taking undisciplined penalties throughout the year. Maybe it is time they made a clean slate and bring in a whole new coaching staff. Opinions??

No I think just OC DC need to change for sure. And build from there.

I dunno id give taffe one more year he wasnt exactly given the most talent to work with. i say one more yr with a new gm and some talent in front of him. desjardins gave him that group of players he had towork with. one thing he can be faulted for is the coice of his coaching staff. hopefully they tel him this go round if he remains is to bring in expierence.

Definately, need a DC. I believe O`Neil had no experience whatsoever. We need a guy like Stubler.

I hope not Charlie is a good Coach
The Fact he was hired so late hurt us this year. we got left overs for Coaching Staff.

I hope our new Gm who ever it is Gives Charlie 1 more season

This year, it was so fustrating watching all the bad decisions on the field. Like players running it out deep in the end zone, instead of conceding the extra point. This is when the games were still winnable. maybe the coach is giving that player the option. Also stuff like time management, lack of a hurry up offence. Decisions like that make you scratch your head about Taaffe.

No one ever gives any good reasons why he's a good coach, EXPLAIN YOURSELVES!

I just don't see it, he doesn't pass the ball enough or use shotgun formations except on second down and long and his offence isn't designed to take advantage of the CFL field. Enough with this give him another season there are way better coaches available like Hufnagel and Cortez who have designed some of the most explosive offences this league has ever seen.

With Marcel gone ... Taaffe SHOULD be the next to go ... I was TRYING to like him, ALL Season ... but he CONTINUALLY, and CONSISTENTLY made QUESTIONABLE (some may suggest - HORRIBLE) on-field decisions - from PERSONNELL to STRATEGY - there were ALOT of head scratchers.

If I were the NEW GM ... the first thing I would do is get MY MAN in there ... with new assistants already being a forgone conclusion - Why stick with the HC ??


If your going to start fresh Taffe has got to go....Taffe's many bonehead moves has sealed his fate....

I read that Taaffe is still under contract for 2 more season,s and i think these coaches contracts are Gauranteed,-- Taaffe has got to forget his O.C hobby and get an O.C who Knows CFL football and how to run a CFL spread Offence, and A special teams Coach, and A Defencive C.o -- who knows how to counter cfl offences, zone or man to man etc

I sure hope he's next with his inept coordinators. Not only did Charlie make a lot of boneheaded decisions this season but I also witnessed him be very rude toward children wanting autographs after the last game. Not impressed with Charlie and his staff and wouldn't shed a tear when they're shipped out of town.

After hearing Scott Mitchell today I think it's safe to guess that the assisants are goners and Charlie's fate will be in the hands of the new GM. I'll guess Charlie will be gone too, although I wouldn't guarantee it.

I sure hope they get rid of Taafe and his offensive and defensive co-ordinators. This year's team had the talent to win 50% of their games but the coaching just wasn't up to scratch.

Whenever you saw him on TV, Taafe looked like a deer caught in the headlights. He had no passion, no fire and no idea what he was doing.

Play calling was awful - who dreamed up that undisguised three man rush and why did Taafe let it stay in the play book? we were burned on second and long all season.

Coach's decision making was awful

Team discipline stunk

Most games the team looked as though they hadn't practiced

Players who showed promise were badly used - one of many examples was Nate Curry who won special teams player of the week for his work on kick returns. Next game he's on the sidelines and didn't return another kick till the last game of the year.

Bring back Salavantis to coach the O-line, get a good offensive coach with lots of CFL experience (Hufnagel, Chapdelaine?), get someone who knows the CFL game to coach the defense (is Sudsy too old?) and we will be on our way to a winning season at last.

Yeah, I'll have to agree somewhat reluctatnly.

I wanted Taaffe based on his previous CFL experience, but it seemed like he wasn't fully into it. I don't know how else to describe it. Is it because his family is in the states? I dunno.

Meanstreak: I think you said it well. Many of us wanted to believe in Charlie.
But now things are getting shaken out with Marcel going and a new GM I think his chances of staying are slim. I don't think the rest of the teams in the CFL had any respect for Charlie all season. He was too easy to predict.
If we get a GM that fits Scott Mitchell's criteria of being a tough guy, I can't see him keeping Charlie.

I think Charlie is getting a Raw Deal.
He is hired in Mid December They don't work on Coaching Staff till Feb 07.
Then The Coaching Staff Don't get back together to late March.

They only Way Charlie keeps his job is if the GM is one of Two People

Danny Maciocia or Jim Popp

I want Charlie to get another Chance
here is why
do we really want to start from Scratch again.
This players will have to learn a new system
That will put us back not ahead.
Give Casey a full Season with Charile.

They [b]only [/b]Way Charlie keeps his job is if the GM is one of Two People
Actually, I'd SUGGEST ... the ONLY way Charlie KEEPS his job - is if the NEW GM is NOT an Egomaniac and can LIVE with another GM's pick ... I'll LEAVE it to the REST of you to DECIDE on the STATISTICAL PROBABILITY of that ...

Regarding the CONTINUITY of the Offensive Playbook ... DEPENDING on the NUMBER of HOLDOVERS from this year there are - continuity MIGHT not be an ISSUE ... Afterall ... from "THE MAN" himself "we have the worste IMPORT talent in the league". When you CONSIDER Casey Printers has ONLY been exposed to Charlie's SYSTEM for a few SHORT Weeks - the point becomes even LESS Substantive.


Onknight wrote;

I want Charlie to get another Chance
here is why
do we really want to start from Scratch again.
This players will have to learn a new system
That will put us back not ahead.
Give Casey a full Season with Charile.

Actually, the cats would be better off starting new systems. Because obviously the schemes they used this year were horrible.they have to get some new coordinators, especially a defensive coordinator. I wanted to see Taaffe succeed also, but the players didnt respond to him. How many times did Taaffe publically demand some discipline from his players, and they responded by taking ridiculous penalties at crucial times.I havent checked the penalty stats for the year, but I`m almost sure the Cats were first in penalties.

There is zero chance Taafe will be back next year. They will give him the golden handshake he doesn't deserve, because his team lacked discipline and the will to win, which he was suposed to inspire them to do.

Absolutely agree, Ticatsackattack.

Its time to start with a new staff, get in some experience. What about Chapdelaine as a head coach. Wasnt he interested in a head coaching job in previous years??