Is Stala really out of the picture?

According to RDS, it seems Stala won't play Friday against Edmonton. It looks like Chris Davis will get the start. It is true that Stala has only got 93 yards receiving in 3 games; and I must admit, I am a little frustrated from his lack of performance. The guys on RDS keep saying he has the best hands of the Als receivers (Cahoon anyone!), but he has dropped a lot of balls this season. I admit he needs a "shakeup", but is benching a Canadian with a 1000 yard season the answer? Why replace him with an American? I guess Sylvain Girard and O'neill Wilson just got passed over. It is great that the Als are so strong ratio wise. But, still, I wonder...

He DOESN'T have the best hands cause he used to drop balls al lthe time a few years back. He shaped up the last few years but again this year...
He's not as bad as Wilson, Watkins or Anderson (who won't even stretch out his arms for gods sake to catch a ball) but I don't get the choices of the Don on the WR. Cahoon barely got the ball this year except for last week.. and look what happened, he's on FIRE!!


When Cahoon doesn't get the ball, it is because he is very well covered. And if I was a defensive coordinator, I'd make sure Cahoon would be very well covered.

I don't know about Chris Davis, but Wilson can't catch and Girard is a predictable route runner. So... If you HAVE TO bench Stala, that Davis guy could do I guess.

I just don't know if benching a struggling receiver is the best way to make him better...

With the Don, you can make a mistake and get away with it. You just can't make the same mistake twice. It's like Bingo... there's just one Freebie.

Don't forget that Girard is made of GLASS!!!!

Geez, he hasn't finished a game in like 3 years!!! Cali... :smiley:

Don't see why Stala is getting benched myself. Sure, he's struggled and dropped balls, but he also missed the first three games of the season due to injury. Frankly, I think he's a better slotback than wide receiver. He's big but not fast, so let him work the inside, find the open seam, and be a possession receiver. Watkins and Anderson are the deep threats and they are faster than Stala -- turn them loose down the sidelines.

And if Stala sits and Wilson plays, I will be very unhappy. Stala at least has one 1000-yard season to his credit. What does O'Neill Wilson have?

Throw it up in faith and pray they catch it... Or in Anderson's case, pray he TRIES to catch it...

In the paper this morning, it said Chris Davis was in to perform kick return duties.

Is there something worng with Avon Cobourne? I think he's filling nicely for Landry...

Don't know. I like Cobourne myself and he did break off that big run on the missed field goal. Maybe they feel he's too one-dimensional and they'd rather have a kick returner who can also line up at receiver and be productive.

Looks like Stala is in the line-up for Friday's game :

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That chart doesn't look right. It lists Sanchez and Truluck as backups.

Or is the picture out of focus?

i dont see wat you're raving about...if i recall correctly montreal pounded winnipeg 44-16 in winnipeg