Is Speedy B the new Duron Carter?

Both very talented but I couldn’t help but notice that he was chirping at Cody Fajardo over Twitter despite Cody not even playing in the game. Hamilton then drops an egg and Speedy deletes his account.

Wow. The similarities are uncanny, especially in their career trajectories, locker room reputations, and ability to live up to their potential.

Please go on, do tell us more.

You may not want to acknowledge it and that’s fine - but the way SOME Rider fans treated Banks and Simoni on social media was flat out harassment. Literally every time either of them was mentioned Rider fans attacked. Football and personal.

Banks didn’t wake up and decide to go at Rider fans, Rod Pedersen’s attempt to vindicate Fajardo and dismiss the MOP was likely the last straw for him.

I agree he needs to tone it down on twitter - but they’re human and can only take so much. No other fanbase goes after people the way SOME Rider fans did on Twitter, and it was rather unfortunate.

The number of Rider fans making comments that his injury was karma for his tweeting is proof of how bad it is.

But what did Fajardo have to do with it?

I’ll never cheer on an injury. It just might be karma that ZC beat his former team(s) on the way to a GC and that he happened to beat a team that took him out with a cheap shot 3 plays into his season.

All he said about Fajardo is that he felt Dane was a better QB.

Ask a player on any team other than the Redblacks and Argos if they think their QB is better than Fajardo… What will they say?

Then deleted his account when his team got thrashed in the GC. seems he can dish it but cannot take it.

deleted his account when Rider fans started trashing him with messages that since were deleted with the account. Some racist, some hateful, mostly laughing at him for getting hurt.

im happy to admit he needs to stop taking the bait, but the point is the bait is always there from Rider fans.

Seen your childish rants over in the Andrew Harris suspension thread. Look up “pot calling the kettle black” in the urban dictionary and you’ll see your own picture.

I used to highly respect rider nation and even cheer them on after the ticats had played. But after this season and seeing the way they trashed our team and players like somebody else said above, more or less harassing them I’ve come to loathe rider nation and it was a happy day when they came up short against Winnipeg. That alone made losing to Winnipeg in the grey cup bearable. Rider nation went from die hard to classless pretty quick

Major differences.

  1. I have not deleted my account.
  2. I keep dishing it out with facts against a team whose running back is a cheater while their fans (not surprisingly) don’t seem to care.

One would think the only trash talkers in the world were rider fans and all other fan bases were made up of saints lol

There are good fans - poor fans - passionate fans and everything in between for all teams.

The most outspoken at least here are not the rider fans … That torch was passed some time ago. Very few rider fans left that are active here the last few years.

Can’t comment on twitter or other social media platforms as I don’t follow them enough to have an informed opinion. For here at least the only team that didn’t have trash talkers this year was the BC Lions ( sorry but self explanatory lol )

Anyone riding in on their high horse claiming all respect lost or worst fan base of them all is really full of themselves and can’t seem to see past the team blinders they have on

If you don’t use those other platforms respectfully you can’t claim that anyone making those statements is wrong.

The demographics change by platform, and the twitter crowd is definitely not this crowd. This place is a church compared to what I saw on twitter this year.

And yes, some are way worse than others.

… welcome to Twitter where everyone has an opinion. Had Hamilton won you bet Banks would still be on Twitter.

Welcome to Twitter where you threaten Simoni Lawrence telling him and this teammates to watch their backs when they come to Regina? Never know who will be following them to their team bus.

You’d never read that here.

Opinions are one thing but some Rider fans took it way too far.

Yeah not buying it. Our players and fans are trashed everywhere they go including Twitter. Didn’t see Fajardo deleting his account. There is also a “report” button on Twitter

Why would Fajardo delete his account? Nobody attacked him.

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