Is something up with Duron Carter? Suspended??
Duron Carter?Verified account



[ltr]It was fun while it lasted... love y'all[/ltr]

4:01 PM - 16 Oct 2017


That sucks.

I like him because both he and his father played for my Buckeyes in College.

Duron is a classic case of the old adage: Million dollar athlete, ten cent head.

He's clearly a great player, but can't seem to keep it together upstairs.

Did you know Carter's father used to play in the NFL? Same with Luke Tasker. Rod Black mentioned it once or twice.

Thanks for the link. That explain the bizarre tweet. While I believe Carter was involved in an altercation (it's happened before and his ego has been cashing cheques his IQ and talent can't cover since arriving in the CFL) that tweet is ludicrous. Team staff made him fight someone? Only a Sportsnet "reporter" (I use the term very loosely) would post something so ridiculous without corroboration.

There is more to this than that tweet. Someone pranked that "reporter" and the idiot bought it. Would have been funny 10 years ago but not checking the facts of a story is standard practice in journalism now. ::slight_smile:

And apparently Josh Bartel used to play Aussie Rules football. Not sure if you'd heard that.

According to Rodzilla - if you're down 15 points - a TD, short kickoff and a field goal should win the game!

sounds like Carter must be hanging out with Judge

If you looked at his Tweet, his occupation was "Expert Level Troll" when he posted it.

D Dennis and B Grant seem to have played along with it all as well because they put it out there that they were gone to.

TSN says there are no suspension....Jovon Johnson spoke as a captain and said it was a normal scrap of 5-10 seconds likely fueled by some pent up stuff from the loss and facing the Stamps this week.

They also posted a photo of them out bowling tonight. Carter and Williams looked pretty fine with each other.

We will see what comes out from Jones tomorow, but this sounds like some major egg for Rod Pedersen....the crack "journalist" that he guess is he texted someone to ask about the scrap and was tol "oh yeah...Carter is done" meant tongue in cheek.

Meanwhile, multiple reporters that were there are going "scrap??" so it must not have been too bad.

Epic level fishing burns....

…tsn is running with the story too…doubt it would be fake news after that length of time…

no doubt there was a scrap of some sort...think that is where it ends though. What has TSN said...there was an altercation. We know this. They say there might be consequences to that. There might not be as well. There big go to was Carter's tweet...but again...look at what he changed his occupation to. Dennis (who wasn't even there) and Grant (who tried breaking it up before it got going) were also reported as released at one point...not likely.

When a team captain comes online and says it was nothing and then the scrappers go bowling I tend to think it was blown out of proportion.

Guess we will see tomorrow

Carter has not been released.

Also, according to Rod, prior to the Redblacks, there were 2 teams named the Rough Riders and Renegades.

That seems a bit far fetched. I will need to go to wikipedia to confirm this rumour .

I will report back.

In Ottawa? So two teams in the same league with the same name? Rough Riders? Never.

....definitely some weirdness going on...Vanstone’s article today says he was there at the practice and didn’t see anything, but does admit to not paying much attention too...

...probably not as serious as reporters have alluded, but if it isn’t anything why does jones schedule a presser to respond to it....

....the riders have a big road game to prep for, if it is media shenanigans by DC I’m not sure how this helps that process....

Don't see this week as that big a game. I think it is safe to assume the Calgary will lock up 1st, Winnipeg 2nd and the Riders will eliminate BC. The only question in the west is for 3rd and 4th.

Edmonton and the Riders play the last week, both play Calgary and have BC and Montreal respectively. I think it's safe to call the Calgary games a wash as well as there two bottom feeder games which means only the final game is important. IIRC they have only played once this year which mean Edmonton ahead by 2 points is meaningless going into the last game; it would still be a winner gets 3rd game.

The only scenario that sees Saskatchewan's game this weekend as important would be if Edmonton were to win it's next 2 games forcing the Riders to win both theirs for the head to head to mean anything. But can you really see Calgary losing back to back games?

Going back a bit, former Argo and Alouette running back Jarrett Payton's dad played in the NFL for the Chicago Bears.

...a rider road trip to cowtown is always a big's got nothing to do with standings...

And Darren Flutie's brother played in the NFL. :slight_smile:

OK, from that perspective I have to agree.

So...Carter steps in and lays into a player for unloading on an inappropriately hard tackle in a pad free environment and things get happens. IMO he did the right thing by stepping up. He tried doing the similar with the Cato thing in Montreal but Cato lipped him and wouldn't let it all die. Carter is full of antics...don't get me wrong...but it seems that in both of these practice incidents he was at least heading in with the proper intent of a leader.