Is Someone?

Going to get off their butt and start a game post thread?

Its vital that we win tonight, and Riderdom desperately needs a win. They aren't a bad team, so we need be careful.

Its 32 degrees on the patio, and who knows what for the Humidex?

We have arguably the best DC in the League, and new guys on the field tonight.

We have arguably the best QB in the League starting his second game, after shaking off some 'rust' last game against "Mr. Impossible" (WB), so lets get the bayonets on tonight and really show what we do on our home field, after long absence!

There is no rule that says that you couldn't start a game day thread.

Normally it's Russ (aka Oskee-Wee-Wee) that starts these things (as well as the Burn/Kiss the Witches threads) and we let him because he would always include a ton of information related to the game day. Unfortunately Russ seems to be absent (probably not by choice I'm assuming) so it's up to the rest of us to start the game and post-game threads.