Is sneaking in a bottle of “water” possible?

Pre Madonna??

I think that was around 1984 when "Like a Virgin" album was released

Madonna is older than I am..............
........I guess I would be Post Madonna?

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Lenny, I am not sure what a "wineskin" would do to the taste of a fine Scotch, but I guarantee you that there is 0% chance of anyone finding a wineskin under the Winter gear that you will be wearing.
Good luck.

Lenny , all you have to do is make sure the bottle is plastic with a plastic lid . You shove it in one of your boots or down your pants preferably in the small of your back . Security can wand you all they want BUT they are not allowed to frisk you .

I know that things have changed since the "96" Grey Cup but I got in 3 mickies for that game and even actually gave one to some Anchor fans sitting in front of me who stripped down bare chested to spell out A-R-G-O-S in blue on their freezing chests . :laughing:


I don't know about you guys but:

Lots of booze + cold weather = lots of pee-pee breaks

If I'm paying several hundred bucks for Grey Cup tickets I don't want to miss any of the action standing in line at the urinals.


Hmm... OK, but it depends (pun intended). Beer makes me pee a lot (and so does old age), but a couple of drams of scotch (so exquisitely delightful!) seems to calm the "soul", and my urinary tract as well.


Well if you can get away with it then quaff all you want. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

From personal experience I would miss ALOT of the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

What, no catheters lying around the house? Actually, you should use 2 - one input, one output! :male_detective:

That works just like the floating swimming pool bars in the Caribbean. For some reason the guys around the bar don't seem to get out of the pool all day. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Swimming pools in the Carribean are 33% water 33% suntan lotion and 33% urine

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Sad but probably true

If I catch anyone sneaking in "water" I call the whistle Blower line


I easily got my “water” in. Enjoyed a small celebratory drink at halftime with those around me. Saved the rest to celebrate the win.
Went home with said “water”:pensive:


It must have been a horrible feeling leaving the stadium with 24 thousand dejected Ticat fans


So you're the one who jinxed us!

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It must have been more horrible leaving the stadium with a bottle that still had booze in it .


I think it might have been this guy

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I will not do that in 2023😁