Is sneaking in a bottle of “water” possible?

Only because it’s the Grey Cup and I’m so confident that we’ll win, I’d like to have a little celebratory toast while waiting for they Grey Cup presentation.
Has anyone tried to sneak in plastic water bottle filled with “water”. I have never tried during the regular season as I’m not sure exactly what the scanning wands can scan for.
I always drive to the games so I don’t drink but this Sunday I’ve got a ride there and back so would love to share my “water” with some long term ST holders.

I just don’t want to a) be embarrassed by getting caught b) have a bottle of expensive “water” confiscated and c) not allowed in if I get caught.

Any suggestions from those who have snuck in “water”?

I used to sneak-in tall boys tucked into my pants. It was cold. Not sure what security will be like on Sunday, but with all that heavy clothing...

I may be stating the obvious here, but... they use metal detectors, so nothing metallic...

Thought of that but there are scanners that can detect other objects a# well. I wa# just looking for someone with first hand experience doing so.

How about a wineskin bag? Could hide it under your arm.

I have been to 5 grey cups...never had a problem sneaking liquids in. Get creative. It ain't hard to do


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My days of bringing in beer predated the metal detectors - so a plastic mickey bottle? Or two? One in each boot?

A catheter bag? A clean one of course!

This is a crazy idea.............just don't break a liquor law.

Buy a drink if you need one.

Taking a chance of getting kicked out of the biggest Ticats game over a mickey.


You won't get kicked out at the gate - they'd just confiscate it. In the stands, as long as you don't start acting like a jerk, nobody's gonna give a damn.


Remember, Mr Young reads these forums.

damn, didn't mean to reply to you CC, just meant that as a reply to the thread.

He's Mister Nice-Guy. He wouldn't dare...

How often does a person go to a Grey Cup game in your city and your team is in it.
Not worth getting the boot, and/or charged. Perhaps band from games.
Spend $10 enjoy a drink then go home and get snobbled out of your mind.

Anecdotally, my parents were at the '72 Grey Cup in Hamilton. It was pretty cold in the stands. My mother, who hardly ever drank, was passed a mickey by a friend sitting close by, so she had a swig (one swig, so she claimed :slightly_smiling_face:). Later, she said that she had one of the best times ever! When they arrived home, she was still cheering and waving a tiger cat hand banner. No harm done, and one very happy fan!

let's just say those who are working the gates (whether THF or BMO in Toronto) are just humans, and don't have the "cop complex" that some have.

I'm amused by those who stand in line at the concession stands only buy "cokes" yet seem to get stumblier as the game goes on.

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Have a few pregame and just buy as needed in the stadium.
Sounds boring but that is what I do.


It’s not about saving $$ or drinking a ton. I enjoy the odd Scotch so I buy good ones. I don’t drink beer and hate the concessions at THF. The last Grey Cup in Hamilton was not how I wanted to spend my money watching two teams I had no interest in. Couldn’t afford tickets in ‘72. I’ve never tried to bring anything into any stadium/arena. I want to celebrate with a drink I really like.

Thanks to all who’ve given me some good ideas. :+1:
I’ll ignore the pre Madonna from Winterpeg.:-1:


I hear you. Good luck, Lenny.

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