Is Simoni the dirtiest player in the CFL?

@guelphcatsfan , I think you should suspend yourself! :rofl: :tiger: :football:


He wasnt and yet a player on each team got an unnecessary roughness this the NHL where when a player retaliates they both get a penalty

Simoni has a special affection for Wilder if it was anybody else he may not have made that hit. It was still not done to intentionally injure him. He could have easily went for a knee but he hit him in the ass just to piss him off. Labour day 2019 Wilder dragged Simoni around by his face mask and didn't even get a penalty. Does that make Wilder the dirtiest player in the CFL? Simoni likes to get under other players skins the more reaction he gets the harder he tries.


(01:40) T. CORNELIUS Incomplete Pass intended for J. WILDER at E46, Penalty: Rough Play, Disqualified called on Edmonton (J. ROSE) (25 yds.), Penalty: Rough Play, Disqualified called on Hamilton (K. KELLY) (25 yds.), Penalty: Roughness, General called on Edmonton (J. RENFROW) (15 yds.), Penalty: Roughness, General called on Hamilton (C. EVANS) (15 yds.), Penalty: Roughness, General called on Edmonton (J. WILDER) (15 yds.), Penalty: Roughness, General called on Hamilton (S. LAWRENCE) (15 yds.)

Ensuing festivities.

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"General roughness". Great. Attempt to balance things out, or did a ref actually see Simoni do anything against the rules?

Maybe they didn't like they way he landed at the end of Wilder's wrestling-style takedown. Or trash-talking is no longer permitted once it has driven your opponent to pure madness.

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If you're a defender or even a blocker and you're not playing "close to the edge" etc. I don't want you on my team.
If that play was dirty I would wear "dirtiest player in the league" like a crown.


I'm pretty sure there was some retaliation/pushing/shoving/etc by Simoni after the takedown. He did the right thing by not engaging with Wilder after his hit and the official throwing the flag ON WILDER.

I wonder what the penalty would be if a play ended and Simoni got the idea to pick up a player after the whistle and drive him into the ground the way Wilder did. Ejection perhaps?

If it's 15 yards either way, I say next time he can't avoid bumping into a QB (who is going to flop like a soccer player), he might as well pick the QB up and finish him off Wilder-style.


Hard to argue with that!

So we have a vote for Kelly.


Banks whipping the football at a refs head hard as he could in Winnipeg earlier this year is prob the dirtiest event this year.:wink:


um no it wasn't low, look again


Having said that, I’m hoping he redeems himself. We all make stupid mistakes in the heat of the moment.


I said the same about Will Hill


That was NOT a dirty, nor late hit. SloMo distorts time and space.
SL was in the air
SL was in good tackle form
SL could not alter his trajectory in the half second after the ball appeared under Wilder.
The whistle blew AFTER the hit.
SL plays HARD when he is on the field. Most of us 'old time' fans appreciate the attitude. We now venerate Angelo Mosca and Ben Zambiosi and they played the same way.

SL did not get penalized for this hit

Anyone who criticizes this play is criticizing TiCat history.


The only thing wrong with that hit is that MAY have barely been a touch late. The refs did not immediately call a penalty on the play.

The penalty was only called after the scrum.

There was no flag on Lawrence for the original hit. It was added after the scrum from either command or the refs to to balance out the penalties.


He's not dirty.just a hall of fame defensive player


Even Zach may not rank Simoni as the worst. He surely has special memories from 2016 of Charleston "Body Slam" Hughes. Unless the concussion he sustained on that dirty hit prevented the memory from forming.

BTW, here's Hughes breaking Bo God Mitchell's leg on an illegal late hit in August: Farhan Lalji: I believe the Mitchell injury occurred on this hit from #Argos Charleston Hughes.

Does Hughes drop out of contention for "Dirtiest" just because he's no longer good enough to be an every-game starter?