Is Simoni the dirtiest player in the CFL?

Part of it's his longevity - you play long enough at linebacker and you're going to have some borderline hits over the years. But I can't think of a player with a reputation for dirtier play (since Chip Cox retired). I've stood up for him in the past, but that hit on Wilder was a dirty cheap shot. Thoughts?

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The hit on Wilder wasn't a dirty cheap shot.



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Simoni plays with intensity, on the edge, gets on opposing players nerves,
he always has, always just a tad over the edge
Is Simoni the most intense player in the League? is more like it

This is going to get dirty! :scream: :rage:


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You could smell something brewing leading up to that hit. The two were in each other’s faces for two or three plays beforehand, and they are still carrying over bad blood from Labour Day 2019.

I love Simoni, have his jersey. But I think he knew what he was doing when he finished the tackle. Thought it was late and unnecessary, but I haven’t gone back and re- watched it. If it wasn’t Wilder I’m not sure he doesn’t lay up a bit. But Simoni flies around a lot and leaves his feet often launching himself at guys, he may not have seen the drop as others have suggested in other threads. Will probably get a fine. Kelly, though, no excuse for spitting. Especially in this Covid era. He should get at least a game suspension. Wilder will probably get a fine - I don’t like the guy but don’t blame him in this instance. He was in a prone position and could have been injured.

Well if he's not the dirtiest, who is? I honestly can't think of another player.

Someone has to be, right?

The "dirty player" narrative comes from two people and two people only - Henry Burris and Glenn Suitor.
He was in mid-air when Wilder dropped the ball.
Wilder was between him and the ball - shielding it from Simoni's view.
Simoni could NOT see the incompletion, couldn't stop his momentum in mid-air, and he could not alter his in-air trajectory (he ain't Superman, folks).
He hit Wilder in the buttocks.
He hit him hard, but professional football is a contact sport.
Hits like that happen in every game, in every league, at every level.
The ONE hit that I would consider bad was the one on Collaros, and even then MY OPINION is that he at least TRIED to lessen the hit.

For those who worship at the altar of Henry Burris and Glenn Suitor will never accept the video evidence that is as plain as the noses on their faces.

BS. Being in a prone position means you are lying face-down. The man was in a squatting position ON HIS FEET when he was hit in the buttocks. The only TSN personality that had an issue with the hit was Suitor - and he has a pathological hate for Simoni, one that is completely unprofessional.

Also, a Moderator authoring such a contentious thread about a Tiger-Cats player on the Tiger-Cats section of the site irks me.


I am no Glen Suitor fan, but that hit was low.

Low to what? The replay showed he hit him in the hip/butt. Even suitor said "well it wasn't really low" and suitor can't stand SL.


I think it would have been his knees if Wilder wasn't so low. That was a cheap shot.

Kelly, with his spitting last game, makes him the dirtiest player currently. Simoni isn’t.


I don't understand how this is low. Wilder wasn't low. In fact he couldn't really be any higher.


Looked to me like he made contact below the waist, and from that screen maybe he could have seen Wilder's empty hands?

He hit him in the arse with his shoulder. That hit was not dirty. But you could say it was cheeky😀

All kidding aside - the earlier hit when Wilder would not go down and tried to extend the play was closer to borderline because of the partial head contact - but it was not flagged by the officials nor did the CC review it.

Dirty is when Evans spit on the Elks player. What about Wilder’s body slam of Simoni after the play - what is that considered to be?

This game was pretty intense because the Elks were getting the crap kicked out of them - and this stuff is what happens. And then we start talking about it.

I enjoyed the game, it was fun to watch from my perspective.


Leading with his shoulder, arms spread to wrap the opponent, head in a position to prevent injury to both himself and Wilder. Pretty good form for a tackle. Even if Wilder was standing upright, Simoni would hit him around his thighs - a perfect place to make a tackle to ensure no further yards are gained.
The only players in the game who are protected from hits below the waist are QBs in the pocket (and it's below the KNEES) and Punters. Is a tackle around the ankles of a field player now considered a "dirty hit below the waist"?


Agree it wasn't, possibly a tad late but not that bad other then that


That type of play happens every week in all football leagues. It's impossible to let up when going full speed.

The whistle even came after he hit him.

Any other player nobody's talking about it.

The joke of a roughing the passer later proves it.

I've been critical of SL for his hit on Collaros, twisting ankle nonsense, but there's nothing here.


And he's FAR from the only one to do that. Remember, a fan tweeted a video and complained to the League (and BLM's whining about stuff like that) before ANY scrutiny was done on that play. One wonders if that person had an agenda...

As for dirty players? Anyone who spits on another human being. Toronto players jumping the line in victory formation. Players who commit "tourist hits". You simply don't see the numbers of head-shots any more, and you don't see players targeting knees any more. Spearing and Piling-On are actually being enforced. QBs are protected so much they might as well use flags for "tackles". A LOT of the dirty play has been eliminated from tha game over the years.


Agreed ...
And the official standing 3 feet away sure didn't think so either.


Was Simoni penalized for the initial hit on Wilder or for something that occurred in the ensuing festivities?