is simmons, thelwell returning?

Is simmons, thelwell returning next year...

I think Simmonds will be back. There was talk that Thelwell might be gone via the "Free Agent" route.

that is good he is a very good player just had two years of hard core wake up closes. he has guts though to even return to the game. Hope thelwell returns with jacques departure, that receivers core need sto stay together.

I wonder if Simmons will be back as much as I'd like to see him return. Two years in a row he's blown out his knee. He is 32 so he's not a young guy. He's all-world talent but also high risk. Hopefully I'm wrong and he fully recovers without a loss of too much speed. I'd almost feel sorry for CFL secondaries if you could get a full year with him in the receiving corps.

From what I heard Simmons will comeback next year. I hope this is true, he's very fast and we sure could use the deep threat.

Add me to the list of those hoping for a Simmons return. We'll have to wait and see on that though.
As for Thelwell , it doesn't sound promising as he hasn't been offered a contract. But he really wants to be back here. Unforntunately for him , like Carl Kidd , there are a couple of receivers who are younger and talented just like him waiting in the wings for his spot.

I wonder if we will see more of Josh Boden if Thelwell doesn't return?

I think him as well as Gilles Colon are the reason that Wally appears to want to not resign Thelwell.

Same thing with Kidd , It seems Wally wants to make the switch to Jamal Johnson this year.

It's sad to see these great and loyal veterans be forced to leave but then you can't keep these young up and comers waiting forever either. These are those tough descisions we (well the team anyway) pay Wally to make for us. It's his way of staying on the cutting edge , a certain amount of turnover every year so the team doesn't get old.

I could easily see Simmons coming to camp and looking fantastic but what is going to make Wally gun shy giving him all the first team reps in training camp and through pre-season, only to have him suffer another knee injury.

It took until late in the regular season for Kendrick Jones to establish himself and he's only 22 with tons of upside. I could see Wally going with him as the starter and Simmons being used as the 5th receiver.
It also wouldn't surprise me that he is out right released and another team takes a chance on him.

I would love to see Thelwell back but I expect another team that lacks quality Canadian recievers (Winnipeg, Hamilton) to make a serious run at him. Lions already have their big money Canadians in Clermont and P-Jack. Colon or Boden are both ready to see more playing time.

I forgot about Kendrick Jones. Good point Miles.

I guess salary cap will also influence the Coaches / GM's thinking for 2007 as well.

KJ is a young player yes and very good. Simmons is suppose to return according to my sources. He might be a risk but the upside to to great. If he plays next year for another team the Lions will have to face him and OH BOY look out. Simmons is 32 and still has the fire about him for the game so what would keep him in my eyes would be best to see what happens. injuries happen in the game and he has had them. But he seemingly jumps back to get ready from them in record time...

Simmons is a personal trainer, so he knows what to do to keep himself strong, healthy, and in shape.

Simmons is now officially signed. I really hope he stays healthy and gets a full year in. With the speed we saw last year (Limited as it was)from him, it will be interestingif he draws extra coverage from the defenses or not.

Is that you simmons :lol: