Is Scott Radley right?....start training camp now?

I tend to agree with Scott on this one in that we have eight games left to straighten things out somewhat and go into next year on more stable ground.

I know it means the team kind of has to throw in the towel now (which goes against players and coaches instincts) but over the longer term this may be the way to go. However, I have two tains of thought here and the other one says to "never say die"'s a dilemna for the team and the fans without a doubt.

here's Scott's article:

It begins like this........

End of the road for Ticats

C'mon Taaffe, let's use the remainder of this season to prepare for the next

September 05, 2007

Scott Radley

The Hamilton Spectator
(Sep 5, 2007)

If you turn your ear toward Ivor Wynne Stadium and listen closely this morning, you can probably hear a single bugler standing at midfield playing Last Post.

Yes, this Tiger-Cats' season is dead. It passed away quietly, sometime shortly after 1 p.m. on Labour Day of mostly self-inflicted wounds.

A few die-hards will argue that there's still hope and things can get turned around with a few lucky bounces and a couple good performances. Don't listen to them. They're delusional.......

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I more or less agree with the same hesitations as you mikey. Even if we sign Printers, which BTW I hope we do, it will be a tune up for next season as he learns the offence and personell and all of that.

It is an impossible task trying to rebuild and not have some version of 'training camp' throughout the year. Whether you want to hear it or not -- too bad that is the reality. There is no GM that can bring in a bunch of young players in a single season and hope each and everyone will pan out into a productive CFL player.

With the Canadian talent we have and building on Setta, Moreno, Gordan, Chang/(Printer?), Armour, Cody, Lumsden, Armstead, Ralph, McKay, etc. we just need to build around those players.

I'll say it again...the true test for this coaching staff is the way they finish this disastrous season.
If Printers is signed, can the coaching staff give him the plays that make the best use of his ability? Will the rest of the team be used to the best of their ability?
From what I have seen the answer is NO. Corey Holmes, Jesse,Chang, Williams and others have all been underused because of "the plan."
I am beginning to think this coaching staff is way too old school for the CFL today. But we still have the rest of the season before the final judgements can be made.

Of course Radley's not right. When has he ever been???

As as season ticket holder, I didn't pay the money I pay in Box J to watch training camp.

Play our best. Every week.

...based on what's happened so far this season, playing our best will not yield appreciably different results than if we treated the rest of the year as pre-season.

Lets face it - its not working, its broke and it needs to be fixed. Why wait?

Having said that, each player should play their best and should want to play their best because they their job is in the line.


Lets face it - its not working, its broke and it needs to be fixed. Why wait?
It hasn't even been built yet.

They've been doing that (constant changes) with the defensive secondary and the recievers since game one. How would Radely's model be any different?

they should have mini-camp during the season and move to a no-huddle spread offense and 34 defense, in the off-season get lighter, younger, speedier players to play an attacking, blitzing 34 defense, and get some speed receiver to play with casey printers on a spread offense.

Can they learn to block first? LMAO


Oski Wee Wee,

in my opinion, this team should use a zone-blocking scheme and use smaller offensive lineman, a zone-blocking scheme is very effective, because lumsden is a one-cut runner, all he does is make a quickt cut then breaks off a long run, so it would be beneficial to lumsden if you had a zone blocking scheme with smaller mobile offensive lineman. Plus with a zone scheme, you can basically plug any runner into the offense and be efficient.

I think there has to be a consistent auditioning process, but not everywhere on the field. We have players on both sides of the ball we can identify as the core of the 2008 edition of the team, but obviously there is going to be a need to get the secondary and O-line stabilized. That is much a chemistry issue as bringing people in to tryout at given positions.

Chang and Williams will have to be used more in the coming weeks. A good look-see at QB is crucial. Hopefully we can land Printers as well. We need to find out how Timmy and Ritchie can play with meaningful reps because 2008 will demand we have 2 solid QBs good to go. Unless Maas restructures his deal, I don't see him in that equation, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

Scott Radley said

The cold, hard reality is

if Toronto wins just three of its last nine games,
Hamilton must win at least six of theirs

to move into a playoff spot.

In other words, they must collect more victories
in half a year than they've had

in either of their last two full seasons.

He doesn't even know that, with the playoff crossover rule,
neither Toronto nor Hamilton will qualify for a playoff spot

with only a 6 or 7 wins this season.

Edmonton or Calgary will.