Is Scott Mitchell the de facto General Manager of the Ticats?

If Drew Allemang and Shawn Burke were to decide together to make a head coaching change at some future date under the current front office arrangement, does anyone honestly believe they’d have the authority to do it? If one of them thinks a coaching change is needed and the other disagrees, who breaks the tie?

Ticat head coaches don’t get fired. They volunteer to take another role within the organization.

Then I congratulate Mitchell on his sound management of the FA period thus far and allowing his puppets Burke and Allemang to take the bows and accolades.

Do you honestly believe Burke and Allemang shouldn’t be there in their current capacity? Obviously Mitchell is more and more involved with other aspects of Bob Young’s empire. (See Soccer Canada announcement).
I like the fact these two are being groomed to move up slowly. I believe eventually one (or both) will leave with an incredible background in the CFL to help any other team who deems them ready to be in a higher roll. Or will become the new head of the Cats organization.
I did the exact same thing in business . I called the duo “The Heir and a Spare?. Never left the business without someone who could take over seamlessly. If I left, instant succession. If one of the other two left, I’d find a new “Spare?.
If they both left, I’d have to start over and work a lot harder???

Is Scott Mitchell the de facto General Manager of the Tiger-Cats?

During his years as team President and, in more recent years, as C.E.O. he has certainly been seen publicly as being much more involved in football decisions than others, with similar titles, across the CFL. Even when the club has had individuals in place, with titles including General Manager, Mitchell has been reported as having been the individual doing some things which, in other teams’ organizations, would be handled by the General Manager.

I take it Dork was being facetious.

I take it you are correct.

Great thing about Mitchell for the Mitchell- haters is that he fits so neatly into any conspiracy theory they can dream up.

Team sucks ? It’s Mitchell’s incompetence
Team succeeds? It’s in spite of him.

Of course, the only other constant in the now 16th year of the 5 Year Plan is…Mr. Young himself…

Haters go up the food chain and make camp , permanently, at Mitchell.

He is part of the CBA negotiating team.