Is Scott Mitchell on the clock yet?

Scott Mitchell was hired after Charlie Taaffe was hired.

Since he has taken the job of president, here is what has happened (not necessarily in this order):

The defensive coordinator resigned preseason due to health concerns.

Jason Maas is gone. Shaun King is gone. Timmy Chang is gone.

The OL has completely turned over at almost every position at least three times.

The receiving corps has turned over at least three times.

Jesse Lumsden spent half of the season injured. Terry Caulley and Anthony Dais each had multiple 100 yard games.

The running backs coach was shown the door.

Play calling duties were assigned to the head coach mid-season 2007.

Casey Printers was signed to the largest contract in the history of the CFL.

Casey Printers played about two games after arriving from the NFL as damaged goods.

The defensive line has turned over at least five times.

The secondary has turned over about five times.

The team finished 3-15 in 2007.

The defensive coordinator was shown the door.

Zeke Mareno was the leading tackler in the CFL (then he was traded - for a draft pick worse than the one the 'Cats had already).

The GM was shown the door.

Scott Mitchell guaranteed a playoff birth in 2008.

The Ticats are overhauled again, to predicatble results.

Charlie Taffee is fired.

Zeke Mareno is given away to a divisional rival during a playoff race. . . . . . for nothing . . . . a CIS draft pick.

Yes, that one should be on here twice, and maybe two more times.

Mareno's new team will make the playoffs, and wins four of five upon his addition to the roster.

Casey Printers continues to disappoint. Richie Williams may have regressed, and a rookie is the starting qb.

Lumsden is still hurt, and now so is Terry Caulley.

The OL and DL continue to be drastically overhauled. The secondary and receiving corps are also in flux.

After changing play callers for the fourth time in two years, Hamilton manages just 11 points against Montreal behind its sixth starting qb in the same time span.

Hamilton misses the playoffs - again - but has had four head coaches in three years (and seven OCs in six years?).

Hamilton's former OC's are reportedly applying to Auburn University for the OC spot there because they are said to be drawn to the "Stability and Consistency" the position offers.

Hamilton is 3-12 on Thanksgiving day and will be huge underdogs in its remaining three contests.

After finishing 3-15 in 2007 - the totally new 2008 'Cats look to finish . . . . 3-15.

Ticat fans and trolls alike continue to search for answers on the field.

No one calls for the impeachment of the President.

Maybe, just maybe putting a sports agent (someone who over values and over pays underacheivers) in the front office is like putting a fox in a henhouse. . .

Maybe the emperor has no clothes.

Maybe Scott Mitchell could not deliver on his promise. Maybe he never will.

Maybe it wasn't as easy as he thought it would be.

Maybe Scott Mitchell won't make a stupid guarantee that no one believes that costs Bob Young a lot of money in 2009.

Maybe somebody at the top should be held accountable for a 6-27 record.

Oh yeah - and they gave Zeke away for nothin'. . . . nothin'

Which is the exact same amount amout of improvement the 'Cats have shown in '08.

Playoff guarantee . . Playoff guarantee . . . cue Jim Mora voice. . . . ."Playoffs, are you kiddin' me? Playoffs?"

How does this guy have any credibility?

I got to the part where you said Printers was signed to the biggest contract in CFL history and stopped reading. Forgive me if i missed something worth while after that.

awwwww, cmon know you read it.......when the CHOICE comes back online it will give you something to look down upon.

18 million for "Rocket" Raghib Ismail...

And Crash, I don't think there was anything worthwhile after that (or before it, actually...)

No really, i stopped there... and if you're talking about its working fine for me? Not sure what you meant by that.

From top to bottom......

this thread is a waste of bandwidth

what part didnt you like? its pretty tough to argue with the points he made, although you might argue how precise he was with numbers. I thought it was pretty well said. Its pretty much what has taken place isnt it?

Yeah, but pinning it all on Scott Mithcell, especially since most of the list concerns football operations, is silly.

There are lots of things going on here that have to be adressed. Just sample this board.

I knew you would agree. It was a well said post. Its not pinning it on scott mitchel and its not actually pinning it on anyone. Its more of a historical retrospect of the mitchel glory years......

Why isnt it the "Young Glory Years" Team was still losing before Mitchell arrived.
Why do people love going up the food chain then come to a sudden, abrupt stop at President?

Over half of the laundry list have absolutley nothing to do with Mitchell's job Getting rid of Maas, King and Chang is bad? Shedding underperforming players and asst. coaches is bad?
Players getting hurt is Mitchell's fault?

"Fans" want better players and coaches fired but complain about an "overhaul". They want thigs blown up but complain about the damage.

Need to cut the grass, rattlebonejones? :wink:

Poor Scot Mitchell

He drops a couple of passes and everything is his fault now. :wink: :twisted:


Taking it all in like that is hard to swallow but it's a pretty accurate description of this team's recent history.

Very sad, especially when I thought they'd have an outside chance of a .500 season this year.

An Argo-Cat fan

No the point was - hasn't EVERYONE ELSE associated with the Ticats been blamed, held accountable and released rather quickly?

Blaming Bob Young is of no use. He delegates all football decisions, and is the only person who is not replacable.

Scott Mitchell talks a lot of smack about accountability in his interviews - but does he produce anymore than others?

No one in the organization could challenge him, because he is their boss and they would lose. . . and be gone.

But who is responsible for the lack of growth or consistency?

Is that lack of consistency anymore obvious than when the 'Cats play the Als?

Even last game the Als veterans rallied back. When was the last time Hamilton closed a ten or twenty point gap?

Hamilton is no better this year than last year - and both years are worse than '06.

2009 looks to be more of the same for Ticats fans- at a 25% discount.

The funny thing is… that when you look at the 5 or 6 games they lost because they caved in the final 2 minutes of the game, we could have very easily had 7-9 wins on the season.

Everytime I think of this I realize its not THAT bad.

IMO, the job of running the football team is Obie.

Scott Mitchell hired Obie.

The question you have to ask is "Is Obie the right person for the job"?

Scott MItchell is the president. He doesn't make any football moves except to hire the GM.

Once Obie is fired, Mitchell will be fired. Has Obie done enough to put this team in the right direction?

Is it Obies guys who have come in and make the difference or MDs guys from last year making the difference or a combination of both to make us more competitive this year vs last year.

It's very easy to take credit for things you haven't done when you are headed in the right direction.

For example, Marv Leavy as Bills GM, left after last season, team is successful under GM and thriving with guys that Leavy drafted.

Another example, the Dallas Cowboys. Parcells built a winning team in Dallas as head coach and turned the reigns over to son of a bum. Dallas has been good without Bill but it's basically his team.

My point, what has Scott done to be fired? Hired Obie? If you think Scott should be fired, then he should take his GM as well.

At least his arguments are in chronological order :?

At this point they might as well give the whole bunch another season. Bob Young is going to take the hit again financialy unfortunately. If by midway next season they are in the same predicament then Bob Young should either get a partner who can get this going or put the team for sale. This has become an exercise in torture.

The problem stems from Desjardins... when he took over we had talent... the problem was attitude, the Cats adopted a losing atttude and could not get over he decided to clean house.. these years are the by product of starting over... you can't plant a seed one day and expect a tree the next day!!

The Cats started over and now we have to audition year after year until we find the right mix, once that right mix is obtained things will turn around. So since Desjardins was to blame he was FIRED accountability had been laid. Can we not just let the damn staff do their job now.