is satire ok?

at least I think it is satire.

There are too many people in metro Van and the Valley.Too many people coming here from all over the world, including USA and other parts of Canada.It is time we Make Vancouver Great Again and start building a wall :slight_smile:

Satire isn’t all it’s made out to be.

…you THINK that wall is to keep all of us out…think again…

So what your saying is, lets put the “British” back in British Columbia?

I was dragged out to the left coast by my beautiful wife. Otherwise I’d still be livingvery close to the center of the universe (haha), or the new sensible Alberta.

However, Happy Wife Happy Life TRUMPS all.

What’s satire mean anyway?

at least it might keep your oil out :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

…now now, no politics


ya all just better start building some nice long ladders if you wanna keep on visiting paradise :slight_smile:

…sorry, spent all my money in Europe…

There was actually a really interesting thinkpiece in Macleans a couple of years ago that discussed what Canada would be like if we had put the accelerator to the floor and tried to have a national population of 100 million people by the 2100 instead of the current projection of 50 million people.

I thought it was pretty interesting - it’s kind of undeniable that a lot of what holds this country back as a second-tier player is we just don’t have the population base that allows a country to have a giant economy, to support a first-rate military or have a cultural footprint that could take eyes away from the United States, Britain or France. If we don’t want to be an also-ran it might mean serious consideration.

I am quite content to be a second tier as far as population base goes. Although increased pop might be good for the CFL.

I might not mind a lot more people if they would somehow make newcomers spread out across Canada away from our 3 most populated areas.

settling for second best ehh…

A very traditional Canadian attitude.

If I remember right it was written by a current Senator. I laughed at it because you know where most of the population would end up and we don’t have enough infrastructure right now to support what we have.


Its been raining here since November, damp as heckand the sun refuses to shine.

More like a chinese water torture than paradise


I think its when you sit down in a chair and straighten your tie.

not quite. We had one of the driest March on record. Very little precipitation this past winter compared to normal.

tradition is great.

Nope it’s not okay here tried with my satirical approach to the looming Philippine call to arms against the empire over garbage .

Satire : humour , exaggeration