Is Sam Young underrated??

This guy is clearly my favourite Lion. Never one ever talks about him I dont know why he’s probably one of the top 3 DB’s in the CFL. Has anyone ever noticed that he barely ever has a ball thrown in his direction? When it comes to the Lions defense only washington, marsh, miles, kidd, and johnson are mentioned. No love for Young??

p.s. It would sweet to have this guys jersey but they make offensive player’s jerseys. Weeeeeeeeak!

Hes not the best, Marsh is and you can get his jersey in the lobby or go to fanzone then click on the cfl shop and go to the BC Lins section the first item is a jersey you can customize with the name and number you want.

Marsh gets burned waaaay more than Sam Young does!! Young never gets burned. Customized jerseys are an extra $50 f**k that.

Ok.....For the record Dante Marsh is the better corner between him and Young. The reason Sam Young does not get as many balls thrown to him is because he plays on the wide side of the field so in other words if the ball is on the near side hashmark he will be ALL the way over on the other side of the field, which is a very long and dangerous throw for a QB to make. Dont get me wrong though, i do think young is a quality corner, but Marsh has devoloped into a better one thus Dante covers the oppositions #1 reciever and plays the strong side of the field.
I have even heard news that LaMar Glover (age 27) may be replacing Sam Young at the #2 corner spot. Word is he's been getting more practice time then Young at the practices.

Thanks postcorner, Young covers the weaker receivers, Marsh has to take the stronger ones. Young never gets burned cause the guys he covers SUCK. Take that andy doobbs.

Hey, be nice. Young does his job, as does Marsh. That’s all we can ask of them.

Yeah but Marsh does it better. :stuck_out_tongue:

BREAKING NEWS.... As I predicted earlier LaVar Glover is now the #2 corner and takes the spot of Sam Young at wide-side corner.

Ha ha ha, I knew it, what know. There's no argument anybody can make that proves that Young is better than Marsh. I feel kinda bad for Young but it's his fault. So postcorner is Lavar Glover gonna start? And how do you know these thing?

In the Province newspaper this morning there was a full page on the story of Lavar Glover and how he is going to take the position of Sam young at the #2 corner spot. So yes, that means he is going to start. They must see a lot of potential in Lavar Glover as he is a CFL rookie and is taking the spot of a solid corner in Sam Young, who's 39 consecutive games as a starter with the Lions will come to an end Friday.

I gotta pick that up, thanks for the info.

Oh wow never noticed where Young played, I'll take notice of that next game.

So where does Glover's promotion leave Young is he gonna get cut or just slide down the depth chart?

Young hasn't been cut yet, but Wally didn't even bring him to edmonton, so that should tell you the kind of confidence Wally has in Young. If Glover plays well it wouldn't surprise me if Young is finished as a Lion.

Did Young really mess up that bad?

Did Young really mess up that bad?

I can't believe the DB's played terribly, why would Wally leave Young at home, at least he should have been brought on the trip. Can anyone tell me when Wally went crazy?

Looks like the Lions just released Young today

I don't get it...Young isn't the problem from what I can see...

I don't think cutting Young is the answer, is that Payne guy any good?