Is Riderville the new Swaggerville


Sorry Bomber fans I could not resist 8)

I still hated that term. If your a dynasty you can use the term.

Don't even go there, even the Mayor conceded it is Riderville.

IMO - there are so many players in the league that one can list here who play with Swag. Thanks to the Roughriders.; may help the Eskies film wise at B.C. next week..... :cowboy:

Ya I was just teasing them. Maybe the Swag follows Odell? He was the Mayor after all. :lol:

If that stupid "swaggerville" term follows Willis to Regina, I may cheer for another team. Got room on the bandwagon, Backer?

The Shocking Blue...part lyrics from 1971
She's got me on a mountain top...
Burning like a silver flame...
I'm your Venus.....I'm your fire at your desire..
Back to the Eskie Logo before I get Skooked...
Cheers to jm02 and the Rider fans :rockin:

Well it didn't take long for Backer to switch the Avatar. :frowning:

No, Riderville is pretty much the same as it was before Swaggerville showed up.

Funny topic but I really wouldn't want us to be called that and Chamblin has already expressed he is a man of professonalism he wants things done right and you keep your mouth shut and do your job. We don't need a cutesy nickname to get our defense to step up. Riderville will do just fine because it not only defines our defence but your team and fanbase.

Totally agree, it was a joke. Any team that uses that term will be universally hated and a target for the other teams.

who needs swag when they can drown you in a sea of green

Sask’s winning return for a TD was aided by a blatant block in the back at the beginning of the run. They got lucky and were helped by Paul McCallum’s FG misses (BC’s turn to buy the truckload of manure).

Swagger now and enjoy the week, but remember that it takes a level head (capable of counting to 13) to win a Grey Cup.

Um, that's part of the game. Not sure how it is lucky. Our FG kicker missed two also. The Lions didn't capitalize on the misses like the Riders did. Want to blame someone, blame your team. As for the rest of your post, your anecdotes are so last decade. Get some new material.

TSN said it wasn't an illegal block, and the Ref was right there. Now it's questionable on the missed FG by TO that was returned by Williams for Hamilton. The last guy who had a shot at him was blocked in the back.

Here is the new Bomber theme-song:

:o (Sung to the tune of "Where Have all the Flowers Gone"...)

"Where has all the Swagger gone
Long time passing
Where has all the Swagger gone
Long time ago
Where has all the Swagger gone
Gone to Sas-katch-e-wan
When will we ever win
When will we ev-er win."

I can't see Coach Chamblin allowing it! I'd expect he'd nip it in the bud and NOW!!

The Hawkins hit was just as questionable as Dressler's TD catch that was overturned. Both were close and could have been called either way.

It's well known that the first few weeks of the CFL season are generally not all that relevant at the end of the season. Plus there's no way Cory Chamblain (or any good, respectable coach) alows that whole swaggerville nonsense to last more than a couple minutes. I have a feeling the riders will be a lot more humble than Winnipeg was last year.

July and the parade route is alreay planned out, nice, might have to revisit this thread later.

Nice win riders, but its only A win and on week 3 lets give it at least 5or6 more games before we call it anything. But it is an impressive start :thup: