Is Rider Nation Still Mad at Henry?

I mean, I'm a Cat fan and I still think he screwed you guys over. Does it mean anything anymore?

I think most people aren’t mad at Henry, but I would bet $50 he’s going to hear it at the game. if a “Henry!, Henry!” chant starts up, it’s pretty hard not to join in even if you aren’t mad at the guy. It’s not anger anymore, it’s just fun to get on him.

And I don’t think he screwed the Riders, he took more money just like anyone would. People were upset because Calgary tampered with him before he hit free agency.

I ain't mad, I just think it's effective as I think ol'hank has a thin skin

Naaaaaahhhhhh! Just like the rest of Rider Nation, love to ride him like an old John Deere.

At most, some people here think he's a bit of a tool; it's more that it's become a tradition to raz him hard, and that probably won't end until he retires. I don't think there is really any hate/anger at him.

Maybe when he was a rider, but He Plays for the Hammer now, to bad for you rider s

I have no love for Henry Burris. I will never cheer for any team that he plays on. Hamilton used to be my favorite team after the Riders but as long as Henry Burris is there, I will always cheer for the other team. Except for maybe Calgary.

I have to thank Henry Burris..... IMO, The Calgary tampering situation is one of the main reasons for the SSK/CGY rivalry that exists today. I can still remember the press conference with Hank putting on that Cowboy Hat and grinning from ear to ear!

I'm with the rest.... I don't hate him. It was business. Realistically though, looking back at Hank's record in the big games, if he would have signed with the Riders at that time, and had the exact same career as he did in Calgary, the SSK fans would have likely ran him out of town anyways! Just ask Paul McCallum! LOL

I really don't blame Henry for leaving Sask. A player has to think of his family also. I heard that Henry's wife was offered a job in Calgary and that made it easier for Henry to sign with Calgary. I think most of us Riders fans were just upset he left knowing he was a great quarterback. If he wasn't a great quarterback then the fans would have cared less if he left......

If you go to your question is like asking if the Earth still goes around the moon..

many of them are so angry and hate Burris that it is ridiculous.

Holy cow,still mad at Burris??? Seriously??? It happened 10 yrs ago!!!!! Not like it's something that happened recently.I would think that Rider fans would be more upset with Fantuz leaving as that was only 2 years ago,than Burris,which happened way back in 2004.There is probably only a handful of players left in the league from 10 yrs ago,to the fans still mad at Henry.....may I suggest you join the Joe Kapp grudge club,as Joe is still holding on to a grudge from something that happened 50 years ago. Players come and players go,get over it's too short to hold a grudge as silly as that for 10 years. :roll:

The biggest difference between Fantuz and Burris is that Fantuz won a Grey Cup with the Riders. If you win a Grey Cup here, you'll never be hated. There's been so few Grey Cups for Saskatchewan, that if you win one with the team, you're pretty much a legend in Saskatchewan as long as you live.

Hey Bobo.. Different circumstances for the players leaving... Fantuz had his brief stint in the NFL, then signed with the Riders for a part season. Rider fans appreciated him when he was here, but in all honesty, knew he would eventually sign with a team back east to be close to his family. You can never blame a guy for wanting to be close to his family.

As far as Burris, the Rider fans appreciated him when he was here, and had him labelled as the QB of the future. Then all of a sudden, he is at a press conference and signed with Calgary. I realize that was 10 years ago, but the SSK/CGY rivalry has not let the Rider fan base ever forget.. Now don't get me wrong, there are fans in Rider Nation that understand its a business and do not hate Hank, abut there are others that will hold a grudge forever. (Fan = Fanatic!)

For me, I have a lot of respect for Henry Burris, and his accomplishments as an elite CFL QB. He is without a question going to the Hall of Fame. Will I cheer against him this weekend??? Absolutley!! He does not wear green anymore so at game time, he is the enemy! LOL

Regardless, the Austin, Burris, Fantuz, Congi, contingent from Hamilton, and the Chamblin, Cortez, Rey Williams contingent from SSK will generate fantastic story lines and be good for the league. IMO, these 2 teams have the best fan bases of league, and both deserve to be representatives in the 101st Grey Cup.

Go Riders!!!

And with that, Burris made the statement before he left that he was going to stay in Sask until he won a Cup, then he promptly left.
That is why I didn't like Burris, but I got over that in '07 when we won before Burris did. Now I just like to yell at him because it works, and he is a whiney player, which I don't like.

If Cat fans want a comparison..... how many of us have forgiven O'Shea for going to the Argos?

I think we should start a poll:

Are Riders fans simple grudge mad at Henry?

Are Riders fans throw Pilsner cans mad at Henry?

Are Riders fans fertilize his driveway mad at Henry?

All of the above? :lol:

Most people are not mad, and I think that many people realize it was the Riders that kinda screwed Henry. He wanted to stay, he tried to make it happen...he wanted starter level money, and brass said no. He did not ask for top dollar. Henry has come a long was since then...back then a diverse play book was about a dozen plays for Henry (no I am not joking, this is the plain truth)...he simply couldn't manage more than is why he made broken plays look so good. He got the right staff behind him and grew leaps and bounds.

People heckle him mainly because when he comes on done it isn't pretty.

Riders fans might not see as much of Henry as they might expect. If the weather dictates that the ground game will take precedence, we might see a lot of LeFevour on Sunday.

O'Shea don't forget not only went to the Argos once.....but twice....he screwed us over both times,and if I'm not mistaken cost us Joe Montford for a season in the process.He played that 2nd stint with us,and after 1 year,bolted back to the Argos as fast as he could.

Good comparison. I would contend there is a lot more bitterness towards Austin than Burris in Saskatchewan.