Is Ricky scared of Ivor Wynne?

Lefco: Argos may keep Ricky away from Ivor Wynne

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I love this! They're going to teach us a lesson by keeping their star player out of the Ivor Wynne game. That'll teach us a lesson. Oh, woe is us. What will we do now?

How dare Ticats stand in the way of the Good Ship as it demands that the rest of the league roll over to suit its whims. Next time we will surely jump when ordered to jump.

Fears for his safety at Ivor Wynne? Are you serious? Past experience shows that children in the stands are in more danger when the Argos come to town than any of the Argos are. (Yeah, I'm talking to you, Bashir.)

Tell me again how this guy will not get special treatment, he's just another player like anyone else. In another story today it was described how Ricky stole the number off another player's back - a player who presumably showed up at the start of training camp rather than halfway through. Why? Because Ricky gets what Ricky wants.

Maybe they can build him a Popemobile. That way he won't have to ride in the team bus with the Tier 2 players (i.e. everyone else). I can just see it now driving across the turf at Ivor Wynne (assuming they let him come during the regular season).

Will we be subjected to extra security checks for Argo games? Will everyone in Box H be prevented from carrying potential projectiles? Or will they just erect a giant plexiglass shield behind the visitors' bench? Are they going to deny Caretaker a Ricky autograph?

Argos are scaredy cats!! Football is a man's game. Please get back to us when you qualify.

(Note: I'm not anti-Ricky, just anti-Argo. He actually seems like a nice guy. Unfortunately he signed with the wrong team.)

There is only one reason the Argos wouldn't want Ricky to play in Ivor Wynne. They wouldn't want to read the headline, after the game, in the next morning paper. "Williams Tokes Up With Ticat Fans". During the game last night, fans sitting directly behind the Argo bench were continually inviting Ricky to come on up and smoke a "doob" with us. Ricky, being Ricky, couldn't avoid the temptation and climbed the rail to smoke with the Tiger-Cat faithful, much to the chagrin of Pinball Clemons. Williams said, "Those Hamilton fans sure know how to party and the stuff they have up here in Canada is primo."

All I know is that the argos are evil and that we have Jesus on our side.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go to the Forbidden Website and download the podcast from the interactive section.

Choirs of angels will sing for us.

Ahh Ricky played for Miami in Buffalo. It doesn't get any more hostile than that.

It's also been rumoured the Argos may keep their newest star out of the game because Hamilton owner Bob Young wouldn't support them when they asked each CFL team to provide written assurances they wouldn't try to claim Williams when he was deliberately waived after this season to allow him to return to the Dolphins. Every team but Hamilton co-operated.

Geez Louise good for Bob. I could care less if he comes to play in Hamilton at all. Let him sit out labour day. Works for me.

Do they think we care whether he plays or not. So we only get 28000 instead of 31000. The people that should matter the most are the season ticket holders and they are going to be there Ricky or no Ricky.As far as I'm mcocerned if you are coming just to see Ricky then stay home and watch it on TV.

What a pantload. Can you say "hype" Mr. Pelley and Mr. Cynamon? Knew you could.

Part of me is wondering if a little bit of 'good cop, bad cop' is being played out over this between the purveyor of K-Y & bleach, the home builder, and the "computer salesman"

You can bet Pinball will make the decision that's right for the team, and not the ownership. Assuming the coach really does have the final say.

That would be unfortunate. After reading Rickys interview with the Toronto Sun, featured here yesterday, I was looking forward to the game. After the lengthy article citing all of his "mystical" oulooks and values on life, I had a picture of the game being played out like the classic Python skit of the soccer game between Greek and German philosphers. All the players could walk around aimlessly on the field, with a dubie and talk of life, death and eternity!

On the serious side, if he doesn't come it might have to do with how many players can dress for a road exhibition game, if that is still in effect (?) don't know. I can see not dressing him to take a look at border line players if need be. Guess it also makes for good hype in the Toronto Papers.

B.A. led off with that at the Casbah Lounge last night.
And there were snakes and planes.
So awesome.

David Cynamin ,hey Dave!.. are you Argodave?

With numbskull calls like this from the Argo owners…“oh we’ll leave it up to coach Pinball ,but do we really need to play him in both games??”

Only Harold Ballard could be a more medling owner…

Ivor Wynn is nothing compared to the US cities Rickies been through including Miami!!,jeesh.

Good call Argodave!!!

With owners like these fools we have nothing to fear here!!Ha :cowboy:

Its "How to Create Additonal Hype in Three Easy Steps"
Step one: Gin up a controversy that doesnt exist.

Colour me cynical.

Don't think for a minute that any decision on who plays how many minutes is a pure football decision based on getting a team ready for the regular season.

Anything else is hype and publicity. The more the CFL is in the headlines and the more it is talked about, the more popular it becomes no matter the reason why.

Which, in the end, is a good thing. I'm lovin' all this, whether it's contrived or not.

New look Ti-Cats, third jerseys, Labour Day helemt & logo, Ricky Williams as an Argo. This is great! I can't wait for this season. Im pumped!

This is just FUNNY!!!!! The Argos are scared that even though they made the biggest signing in terms of news coverage this year that we are still getting the better press coverage. So they are trying to make IWS and the ticat faithful look bad.

Nice try boys. Instead of making us look bad, you just made yourselves look worse.

Bring it, baby.. it's OUR year!!

Conspiracy Theory Time:

The argo’s are not going to let Ricky William play in Hamilton, so that IF Ticat fans want to see Ricky play before Labour Day they HAVE to come to Toronto to watch him. They might think that this might entice Hamilton fans who are on the fence about going to the pre-season game or the season opener to make the treck down. “Well, I won’t be able to see this guy play for a while, so might as well drive down the QEW to cheer on my cats AND see this guy?.
OR this might entice casual fans in say Burlington or Oakville who have no affiliation with the Ticats or the Argo’s but are interested in seeing Williams play to come to Skydome to see a game since casual fans might be incline to watch a game at IWS, since it is a real football stadium!

I agree.

With this kind of attitude from the Argo's, I sure hope IWS/the Announcer aren't praising Pinball this year. He's guilty by association.

maybe the argos have read all the negative ricky talk in this forum, and decided people of hamilton dont want to see ricky lets not bring him there.

I said to myself.."Don't get in on any more discussions about Ricky untill the guy actually plays a game"...then this article and thread came out!!!!!

I have to agree with the above quotes...AND...are you ready for this????lol...

I really have to agree with "zontar". This is really a whole lot "hype". Totally a bunch of newspaper BS :thdn:

A waste of ink! I hope the guy comes to town and plays some good ball and then we can say we beat their best!

oh pwease don't keep mista ricky away from us, we're just dying to see him pway.... pwease mista argo mens....

nuts to that, the ticats don't need williams to sell out ticat - argo games at IWS... (although apparently the Argo fans need the extra incentive to come out to the games)

If it's true that Williams will on play at IWS on the 9th, and that blue team management will be behind it, then I sure hope that IWS will be sold out that day. And it's quite possible that the place will be sold out with or without Williams. If there is one team in the league that won't have as much of an attendance increase becuase of Williams' presence, it's the Ticats. So if the blue team's management thinks they can affect the amount of money the team brings in from attendance that day...

But with all of these Ricky Williams threads, there's a suggestion that's been made that I'm starting to like. You can click here to read it.

thats funny cuz there were 40,000 to watch the argos beat the ti-cats last argo home game of the season....

thats about 11,000 more than any ti-cat game.

the cats only had 1 sell-out ( 29,600 )last year, so i dont know why your bragging.

meanwhile the argos had games with 30K, 31K, 32K, 34K, 40K, u tell me, who had the better attendance???

Thanks BYF.