Is Ricky Ray really retiring?

I just stopped for a coffee a few minutes ago and saw the front page of the Calgary Sun stating that Ricky Ray won't return in 2018 and is eyeing retirement due to the latest neck injury.
Maybe it is time.

Consider the source.

If I were Ricky, I would not retire until the end of the season. That way I would get my full salary for the year, since you can't cut an injured player. Heck - his salary won't even affect the salary cap because he'll always be on the 66-game IL...

  1. Unfortunately Ricky will never play another game in the CFL !! :frowning: :frowning:

The 66-game IL... :o ;DI thought that list was reserved for the likes of a Johnny Aprile or Johnny Sears .

Hey bobo you forgot the leader in that category....Evan Gill. I think he got injured five minutes after he was drafted.

Better than the 666-game IL... ??

LMAO !!! I think he got a blister on his little pinky signing his rookie contract then proceeded to stub his toe when he left the room . ??? Just for the record : 3 yrs with the Cats (2015-17) . 5 games total played , 49 games spent on IL . :o OUCH !!! :o

Why do we have so many threads for an Argo, i thought this was a ticat chat!

It's a CFL chat, too. Ricky Ray is a class act and the league needs players like him. The Esks and the Argos were blessed to have him and we TiCat fans would have been thrilled to see him playing for us. I hope he returns to play but if he hangs them up, he's a first ballot guy.

Obviously, his health is the most important thing and I wish him well.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


No question. Maybe I'm losing it in old age, but I think I remember reading something about how Tillman initially wanted to trade Ray to us from Edmonton. It fell through & he went to the Argos. Anyone else remember that?

Not sure about Tillman's end, but I'm sure I read that O'Billovich wanted to bring Ray to Hamilton, and after he was dealt to Toronto instead, trading for Burris was "plan B". Don't have the source handy though.

Speaking of Ray and Burris …

I always liked the storyline of the two old rivals, who had spent the better part of a decade facing off against each other in Alberta, both moving to Ontario teams in the same year.

It felt like the twilight of their careers, as both had been judged by their longtime teams as being past their prime.

And yet, for the next six years from 2012 to 2017, the East would be represented in the Grey Cup five times by a team quarterbacked by either Ray or Burris. Collectively they went 3-2 in the Cup despite the West supposedly being so superior to the East. Total GC wins during that time by EDM and CAL, the two teams that rejected them: two.

Burris would be rejected by one more team and Ray would spend a lot of time on the injured list, but they both showed an ability to beat the odds and give their best performances when it mattered most. Interestingly, they only met once in an Eastern playoff game, and that 2013 Eastern Final was one for the ages, especially for fans of the good guys.

Today they are both in the CFL's top four of all time with over 60,000 passing yards. And incredibly, these two men are the all-time passing yardage leaders for four of the nine teams in the CFL. (For another few months, anyway, in the case of OTT.)

Thanks. That must be what I was thinking of.