What a horrible game for Ray and the Esks.
Even though they won their first against Winnipeg, it was not because of Ray.
So if you are counting that is three stinkers in the row. He is very much reminding me of Kerry Joseph of last year.
Ray as we know does not have a strong arm, but has amounted to 5000+ yards with the short dink and dunk underneath type hits and throwing 40 plus times per game. But, this year his arm looks even worse and the wobbley ball to the sides look horrible.
You definitely do not want to suggest he may not have it any longer, but the signs are sure pointing that way.

Seriously? Do I actually have to come in here and defend Ricky Ray? Ahh... Not worth my time. Simply put: No, Ray is not done, and anyone who thinks he is should stop watching football right now.

... No, seriously, stop watching football.

He's in a bit of a slump, but let's not forget, Jason Maas is a more than viable option to start in this league. It was not to long ago that he was among the league's best, and I think there's still something left in the tank.

Hold on a second here, this is a valid topic and a legitimate question to ask when Ray has looked so horrible this year. In fact, an arguement can be also made that last year despite the yards, the throws again dink and dunk were not what we were accumstome to for all of those years and if I recall Maas did replace him numerous times last year.

Ray is nervous in the pocket. I don't think he trusts his Oline.

Would you? :expressionless:

When the D-line rushes Edmonton, your just counting the seconds until Ray gets smashed and I bet Ray himself is too. Pocket collapsed on him way too often and way too easily. He’s not Casey Printer’s, or Henry Burris, he’s not a very good scrambler.

Ray has looked horrible in the pocket, with happy feet on top of staying in the pocket for way to long.

No I would not, but still shocking that the problems persists for what 2, 3 years now ? They won't get it fixed now.

Having said that Edmonton the last few years have been a slow starting team.

Yeah ! His heart is saying hang in there one more second and his brain is saying RUN for your life !

That's because management insists on focusing on everything else. It's like they think if they ignore the O-Line long enough, the problem will just go away.

Ray has been carrying the team on his shoulders for a few years now. And every year, he gets older and slower, and the Eskimos keep sinking lower.

I'm sure he could still keep playing at a high level for another couple years, but I don't know what that would mean for the team.

You start to question their SMS decisions when Lloyd and Ray have such weak supporting casts, while Lumsden sits out with injury.

But --- it's early.

Yeah its strange, everyone knows the importance of your Oline, especialy a team with a "pure passer". I guess Comiskey really caught them by surprise but that Oline hasn't been right since Lefsrud hung it up.

Rays a very good QB no way is he done. But they use too many short dinky passes all the time they have to go down field more, I dont know if its where hes throwing the ball or is it designed to do that.

I wasn't willing to hear of it last week, but I am starting to have doubts about #15. His first play of the game was the 'dink and dunk' as the fans put it, Maas' first play was to heave down the field for a big gain, which is the kind of confidence-boosting BIG play we needed in the first quarter, not the fourth when the game was getting out of hand.

I'd be willing to let Jason start the next game, alot of the short shit in the playbook was changed to longer plays when he took the field..... Seems to manage the huddle better and throw the ball a bit quicker as well, except for the bauble and the low snap early in the 4th there wasn't much bad to say.

Maas didn't call for either of those snaps. If he had told the center to give him the ball, he would have been ready for it.

I think the first one could have been handled without the drop, despite it being a bad snap. The second was definitely a low snap and the center has to take all the blame IMO. Just my perspective, I couldn’t see that well from my seat on those plays. Not to be misunderstood, I don’t mean bringing them up as a knock on Jason. He does things a bit differently than Ray, the center just didn’t notice the QB change I guess.

I think Ray would play alot different if we actually had a Running game. But is it the o-line or just no good running backs

It's the O-LIne. You can't blame it on the running game when management keeps frakking up the running game. Here Toronto, take Tyler Ebell. Uh, AJ Harris, sorry, but we're going to have to let you go for Jesse "Am I Injured Yet" Lumsden.

Seriously, I'm about ready to call for every coach and every manager to be fired.

...Ricky Ray is not done....he needs about another 30 minutes at 450F....baste well...

...if that o-line doesn't patch some holes up soon he will be done....