Is Rate of Player Turnover Increasing?

I'm wondering whether the rate of player turnover has increased in recent years in the CFL. I just feel like I don't recognize any of these teams from what they were 2 or 3 years ago. My team is Hamilton and in a state of constant flux for obvious reasons... However, this seems to be true to greater or lesser degrees across the league. BC's trading Joe Smith for Charles Roberts is a great example with neither player on either team less than a year after said trade. Is it that the SMS is keeping teams taking for young, affordable players for shorter terms than older relatively expensive vets? I heard once that its common for CFL teams to hang onto young bubble players for no more than 3 years and let all but the most exceptional starters go before pension benefits kick in... I mean Danny Mac was the QB of the Ti-Cats from 1998-2005... 8 playing seasons, other than Calvillo, who in the CFL has QB'd one team at least that long this past decade? I guess Calvillo and Danny Mac are more exceptions. Any long Qbing streaks with one team in the 90s? How long was Kerrigan the QB of the Cats? Austin the QB of the Riders, Flutie & the Stamps? Moon & the Eskimos?

Does anyone have data that would support or refute my premonition about increased player turnover?

CFL always has had a big turnover rate.
Flutie played 1 year in BC and 4 in cgy and 2 in Tor. If he played another 5 years in the CFL he would have owned every qb record ever and most would be untouchable. Moon was the starter for 4 years in EDM.He backed up Wilkie to start his career. Kerrigan was a average QB ., played his best football in his two GreyCUP appearences. ,but usually threw more pics than td passes. He played from 86 to 91 for Hamilton, 92 to 95 argos, and played his last year in 96 with Ham. I have his stats for 86 and 87. 1986 comp 57%, pass yards 3193, 19 pics, 16 td passes.87 was a disaster, looks like he got the hook or injured, only threw 192 passes for a comp 52% ,1339 passing yards , 15 pics , 5 td passes.

But do you really want the teams in your league to keep crappy players? I don't. You keep turning players over until you find the right mix. If a guy can't hack it, then why keep him?

No one wants to see crappy players stick around. But the SMS is impacting good players nearing the end of their career. And the fix is pretty simple--- a veteran discount. Name recognition is a tremendous marketing tool and hopefully someday the CFL brass will wake up to that simple fact....

I think the suspension of activity of Arena Football has also played a part in increased player turnover. There is simply a larger pool of good players available in training camp.

It is in Winnipeg

There had been a high rate of turnover in Winnipeg and Edmonton, which is not surprising given that they have new head coaches.. Toronto not so much because you have someone who has never coached in this league, so he really doesn't know much about the players that are there. Kelly and Hall have both coached in this league, and are bringing in their own personnel, so the high rate of turnover for both teams would be expected.