Is purposely going over the salary cap cheating?

There is a discussion on another thread where several Rider fans are suggesting that their team is significantly over the salary cap. I would like to know how others feel. Not saying that Riders fans shouldn't have a say but from the comments it seems that that Saskatchewan does not seem to have any issue if their team is over the cap.

If this team is over the cap it won't be enough to lose draft pick. The Foley signing replaced Hawkins retirement. John Chicks salary would have been roughly what Odell Willis was getting. That got Weldon Brown for cheap. Rey Williams has been injured for the second half of the season. The only signing that might put the team over would be Geroy but the Greg Carr release would cut into that as he was over payed.

It is hypocrisy. That organization was one of the group who pushed that through and have been the biggest violator of the system.

Why is it cheating?

There are rules in place for teams that go over the Cap. Fines, loss of draft picks etc... It would be considered cheating if the rules state that you cannot do it at all.
The only team that gets hurt by going over the cap, is the one that goes over it. It has been well documented that the Canadian Talent content is the key to success in the CFL. If a team sacrifices draft picks to go over the Cap, they are jeopardizing their future. If they have to pay fines, they are giving up cash that should be retained for future use.

And on another note, everyone knows that talent alone does not win Championships! It takes a combination of factors and there are so many variables. Going over the Cap guarantees you nothing.

IMO, Anyone who thinks it is cheating or wants to add an asterisk is just looking for any excuse to justify why their team did not win, and is grasping for anything to find a scapegoat.

I believe it is cheating because it is contrary to the rules. If we were to take it to the extreme, if a team has money or an extremely rich owner, they could simply forget about any penalties because they can just buy players that other teams have drafted or brought up through their systems. One needs only to look at the New York Yankees under George Stainbrenner. He laughed at penalties for going over the cap and simply loaded up through free agency, to hell with developing players, let some other lowly team do that.

I don't know how you can say that the only teams hurt by going over the cap are the ones that do it. In order for teams to be successful they have to compete and if teams are trying to buy championships, in order to compete you have to buy championships as well.

I don't think there needs or should be an asterisk if this years Grey cup winner is over the Cap but I do believe that Purposely ignoring the cap is wrong and is in fact cheating.

"Contrary to the rules"? Sounds like the classic Loser's Lament. But until player salaries are actually made public, the speculation of salary cap violations is nothing more than a total guessing game.

Do you have any definitive numbers to support your claim?

It really is the league's issue. There are ways if you really wanted to "make" teams abide by a salary cap that you could go about it. It would cost more in administration costs for the league, but there are ways to do it. IMO the salary cap where it is at now is only hindering the league attracting and maintaining a high level of talent.

I don't disagree. Even though I think breaking the cap is cheating, it is the league that allows it so the league is at fault, not the team taking advantage of the rule. That still does not mean in my opinion it is not cheating. Purposely breaking any rule is cheating in my opinion.

I also have not claimed Saskatchewan is over, it is their own fans who have made that claim. I don't care which team or both teams for that matter are over, I think it breaks the rule and the fines or penalties should reflect how much credence you give your rules. If you have a cap but are not going to enforce it, then ultimately the fans are the losers as if you have to spend over the cap to compete then inevitably the costs of going to games must go up.

Breaking the Salary cap is cheating and will only hurt the league in the long run
The salary cap has no effect on attracting the right talent, the play level of the CFL is probably as high as it has ever been, and probably better than half the NFL teams. who have way higher payrolls

... if you think the CFL teams could compete with even the jaguar of the Nfl you are out of touch with reality. If the players in the cfl could make an nfl squad they would be playing down there.

Breaking the cap is cheating and while theres are fines involved and if the $400k is correct, the Rider will pay about $1.2 million in fines and lose their first 2 draft picks in 2014, I'd like to see the league go to a hard cap system where team are not allowed at all to go over the cap.

What's your source? I highly doubt they are that much over the cap.

Rod Pederson brought it up.
It's being talked about on the Riders forum.
Naylor and Lawless talked about it today, during the Grey Cup special radio show.
Lawless also brought up, how the Riders are potentially going to push some salaries to next season in order to fix the cap hit.

Of course it is. Here's one of the dictionary definitions of "cheating"

"To violate rules deliberately, as in a game"

There's a rule against it, including punishments for breaking that rule. So if they are violating it this year (again), then they're cheating and will get fined (again).

The only way it is cheating is if they don't pay the fines.
A team is allowed to spend whatever they choose as long as they pay the fines/draft picks.
Thems the rules.

NFL is full of bad and mediocre players and coaches, This is what makes their "stars" demigods, but you won't here that on a NFL broadcast.

Would love to see a CFL vs NFL matchup, Tiger-Cats beat the Bills!! :rockin:


There is a maximum you're allowed to spend. Whether you're willing to pay the fine is irrelevent and a ridiculous justification.

There is also a speed limit when you drive. If you're willing to pay the fine for speeding, good for you. But if you go over the speed limit, what you're doing is still illegal. This is no different. If what you were doing was "okay" there would be no fine to pay. So by mere virtue of there being a fine, you know you're wrong to trigger one.

It does tell you you can't do it. It states a maximum expenditure. What is your definition of "maximum"?

[i]Core Program Components Summary

[u]Maximum Salary Expenditure[/u] Cap (SEC) of $4.3M established for 2011.
Effective Enforcement Measures including:
    Full disclosure of player compensation.
    Certification process.
    Hired compliance officers with full access to team records.[/i]

Does this need to be defined any further for anyone?

From the 2011 SMS documentation:

[i]Significant non-discretionary Penalties for Exceeding SEC based on a progressive monetary and non-monetary (forfeited draft picks) penalties.

Monetary [u]Penalties[/u]:
    $1 for each dollar a Club exceeds SEC up to $100,000
    $2 for each dollar a Club exceeds SEC between $100,000 and $300,000
    $3 for each dollar a Club exceeds SEC over $300,000[/i]

What is the definition of penalty?
[b]: punishment for breaking a rule or law[/b] : a disadvantage or difficulty you experience [b]: a punishment or disadvantage given to a team or player for breaking a rule in a game[/b]
Quit kidding yourselves about this. *If* someone goes over the cap, they're cheating. It's black and white.


When the Renegades starting guaranteeing contracts, the league refused to register those contracts because they went against the norm. What the league could further do then is keep a running total of a team's salary cap status. If the team in question submits a contract that would put them over, don't accept it.

This forces teams to look for versatility in a player, just in case you need someone to play outside of of his standard position to make up for injuries.