Is Printers going to have at least ONE 200yd passing game???

It's going on year 2 now. He should be back in the groove by now. These 100yd passing games are too low for a 1/2 mil salary IMHO.

Or perhaps it's just the coaching as a lot have been saying around here.

just if your wondering he has had a few games over 200 yards. why do you care about the passing yards if we have the same yards but just on the ground?

if we keep running for over 200 per game, i don't care how much we pass for

You can't win in the CFL unless u can move the ball in the air. When you are behind 20 pts at the half, its too slow to get it back on the ground...thats the difference.

Wanna know why the Cats cant beat Montreal? The Als are one of the few teams that can and usually do stop Jesse. No legit passing game to fall back on.

if you establish a running game early on, you aren't going to be behind by 20 points. you are going to have long, sustainable drives and wear the other teams defense down. think NFL here. the longer your offense is on the field, the more rest your defense gets. that's the goal. you can throw all you want but throwing your way to a td is going to eat up no game clock and make your defense tired

it's easy to stop the ticat rushing attak cuz no one is afraid of our passing game. the als especially key on jesse or terry and force us into throwing which we aren't very good at cuz our o-line can't block

Think NFL is one thing but remember they have that extra down.

The Cats are sucessful when the run, thats why they beat the Blue team most of the time. Anyone can run on the Argos....

I agree with most of your evaluation, but I think the blame has to be shared equally between the OC for bad play selection, The QBs who don't throw well from the pocket and really don't have the tools to run complicated plays like the Als, Stamps and Lions, and the receivers who dont seem to know what to do when the QBs are on the run.

As far as the Oline, well I think that if Printers and Williams were a bit quicker on the release, they would look alot better. Casey looks hesitant and nervous out there.

throw the west coast offense in the garbage, since charlies was thinking of bolting to west virginia so much, they might as well implement the west virigina spread zone read offense, have printers line up in the shotgun and just have him run the ball or hand off to lumsden and cauley, the cats receivers/tight ends are useless, they might as well run the rock 40 times per game, you can scrap 200 yard passing & multiple touchdown passes out the window, this team can only run.

Pretty high standards around here when 31 points isnt enough.

many of those points were field goals.

We scored 3 TD's... and 3 3 FG's didnt come from our own end of the field meaning we moved the ball to get there. We had over 400 yards of Offense.... so seriously, what the problem? Could it possibly be that we couldnt stop them?

o-line is still useless, and if this team had any decent playmaker at the WR position, the game owuld be a blowout, casey needs a go-to-guy, every QB had a guy, mcmanus had flutie, flutie has allen pitts, dewalt had fernandez, jones to stegall, calvillo to cahoon, holloway to greer, rice to montana, manning to harrison, brady to moss, culpepper to moss, peanut butter to jelly, you need combos baby!

Sorry...I need more examples.