is Printers a 500,000 Bust

With Casey not staying healthy was he as Bust?
Yes he has tons of Talent But if He can't stay healthy
is he worth it?

I was thrilled when he came here.
Now not so much..

I love to hear other fans thoughts on this Topic.

Ask this question again on October 30th 2008. Right now, he’s definately not a bust.

Sure the injuries are a downer, but what does it matter? They’re all “fluke” injuries (not due to contact), and maybe he’s just getting them out of his system so he doesn’t get any next year. [/wishful thinking]

Besides, did anyone really expect him to come in and make a massive impact with this supporting cast, at this time of year?

We all know what he can do and he's just entering into his prime, now all they need to do is upgrade the receivers and bring in a new coach who understands Canadian football and we're all set.

While I’ve been very disappointed in the fact that he’s been injured quite a bit, I think he’s got the skills we need in a QB. It’s way way too early to start calling him a bust (even if this year was probably the easiest 500K he’ll ever make…lol)

As I have mentioned before in other posts, I really think they should have eased Printers into the lineup gradually, considering he was injured upon arrival. That way, he would have had ample time to learn the playbook, establish leadership skills, get into game shape, and most importantly...HEAL!
By rushing into the lineup, he continued to get injured, looked rather ordinary in his performance, and ruffled feathers when he stepped in right away and declared himself the saviour of the team.
To answer the question...
Yes, it is too early to tell if he's a bust.
Give him time to start fresh with a 'new' team next year before feeding him to the dogs; their bellies are still full of Maas.

I have always expected Printers to under perform, however, its way too early to say I told you so. As previous poster said, ask me again this time next yr.

He can do it all, and this year doesn't matter anyway. Next year, after the braintrust decides exactly who to put around Printers to make him effective, watch out. Especially with an offence already starting with Armstead, Lumsden and Caulley before it re-tools.

Casey has had a string of terrible luck this season...Given time to heal over the winter he will return to form next season and be the standout performer he was in the past...

Casey has been very so-so and has shown little of what we remember from his BC stint. I guess thats to be expected because he hasn't had a lot of real game action before signing and the fact that the supporting cast needs a lot of work.

All that being said, his brashness and ego, along with some of his statements made at the announcement of his signing rubbed a few people the wrong way and made him an easy target for the "I told you so" faction.

Humilty is a good thing.

Way too soon to tell. Ask this question a year from now. Actually, I doubt if you’ll have to even ask it. It will be obvious that he was worth the money.

An Argo-Cat fan

I just hope the cats are not so printers blind that they fail to give anyone else, like Williams, an equal and fair shot at starter next season. Printers should have to earn in next Camp, not be given it because of one yr long ago in BC.

I wholeheartedly agree, FYB. That being said, I fully expect that he will win the starter's job outright in next year's training camp.

For me, the wideout situation has to be upgraded under a more CFL-friendly offensive approach that plays to the strengths of Printers and Williams in particular, but the offensive personnel as a whole. I do believe that if Maciocia becomes available after the Esks fire him (likely) and that Chapdelaine sticks with Edmonton as his successor, that the Ticats would be better served to add a little...travelocity to their attack, which hasn't been Working for most of the season. LOL

Oski Wee Literally,

I think he will be fine .

Unbeliveable....Printers is a top QB in the Canadian League. I do not understand, why you believed Printers could come to Hamilton (6 or 8 games & does not know the plays) and within one week of being placed on the field, should be at the top of his game with NO SUPPORTING CAST and a high school coaching staff. What does money have to do with it, he did not pay himself, the owner/president set the bar. No QB can stand up under the continued hits when no one is blocking. BY the way have you all seen the film on all the dropped balls and dropped TD passes. Look this team will get better but if you're looking for Printers to throw, run, block and catch his own balls, chances are he will never be that good. FANS come on you have to be smarter than that. Give this team and Casey a chance to work it out.

This is one of the most instant results minded threads I have seen.

Try to understand the bigger picture…

Its threads like this that reduce this forums quality. Fans should not just blindly expect results all the time. You have to look at all the aspects that make up a play and the 12 men running it. Every single one of those 12 guys need to execute properly all the way through the play, quarter, game. If they do not then the play goes dead, players get hurt etc etc.

Its so very simple to understand and yet we still get crap like this thread.

8) I agree 100%. To even suggest that Printers has been a bust at this stage is utterly ridiculous !!! Good Lord, give the guy a break !!! Look what he has had to work with since he has arrived here. Mostly inferiour players and coaches, most of whom will not even be back here next season !!!

With threads like this, is it any wonder that star players would have doubts about coming to Hamilton ??

I agree totally with the post above.

Congratulations, zenstate and Tipper.


The topic of this post is ludicrous.

I scanned a few early posts.

I refused to return to it until now.

I selfishly wanted to see if somebody else
had saved me the trouble of pointing out

how ludicrous it is.

They sure did in spades. Bravo!!

I'm willing to give him a chance, but if he comes out of the starting gate in 2008 hobbling, he better be released before the season tanks.

He has had one good year - 2004, but not much since then.

Then they will really hate him when this team starts winning. And it'll look good on them. Only petty minded people take pleasure in some else's misfortune.

That being said, I would like to see a team like the 98 Eastern Champ and 99 GC teams that blew teams out of the water. And if we develop another team like that I wouldn't care if the whole team was a bunch of cocky mouthpieces. Make 'em hate us all they want. Just bring a grey cup back to Hamilton for pete's sake.

According to this forum this year:

Coach T is a bust
Jesse is a bust
Printers is a bust
Armstead is a bust

I don't know how many more of these I can read.