Is preseason "too" short?

When the league went from 4 preseason games to 2 games, every year since, a lot of the teams
are having slow starts, where to me I think maybe they could have used the extra 2 exhibition games
to get the teams ready for the season , and put a better product on the field. This is just an opinion, but was wondering if any other fans feel the same way.

It’s all about money. Fans are more likely to attend a meaningful regular season game. That’s why they transferred 2 of the pre-season games over to regular season.

If it helps the CFL to thrive then it is worth it.

I totally agree with you about the money. It just seems like the product on the field on at least have of the teams don’t play as good after they made that rule 2 preseason games down from 4.
I wonder if, they just added 2 more season and left the preseason games at 4 , sure it might cost more, but they would also presumably make more, and the product might be better over all, and more competitive.

I have said in the past how there should be 3 pre season games.
The third one for each team is a territorial game, meaning only half of the teams would be involved each year when we get the 10th team.
The games would be played to develop the fan base either for the team or as we now know CFL 2.0.
For example only, Montreal would play in Quebec City, while Ottawa would go across the river to Gatineau.
Hamilton, could go to St. Kitts or Niagara Falls.
Winnipeg could conceivably play in Dryden or Kenora?
The home teams one year would be visitors in the region of the next year home sides.

I’m thinking that ideally the way to go on this would be 3 preseason games up from two . It wouldn’t be that hard to do especially in the East . Each team would basically play one game against each of their division opponents . You could have one home , one away and one week with two neutral site games with each team splitting revenues and/or cost with the games rotating every year .


Week #1 preseason schedule

Toronto @ Hamilton
Montreal @ Ottawa

Week #2 preseason schedule

Hamilton @ Montreal
Ottawa @ Toronto

Week #3 preseason schedule - neutral site games .

Ottawa vs Hamilton at Guelph
Montreal vs Toronto at London

Out West with the additional 5th team is where a 3rd game would get a little tricky . The only way it would work would be to have one team every year play an additional 4th game and rotate it between teams on a yearly basis .


Week #1

Saskatchewan @ Winnipeg
Edmonton @ Calgary

Week #2

Winnipeg @ B.C.
Calgary @ Saskatchewan

Week #3

B.C @ Edmonton
Winnipeg @ Calgary

Edmonton @ Saskatchewan
Calgary @ B.C.

In this example Calgary would have the extra 4th game . All other West teams would play 3 games .

Maybe a few games on the east coast .

My first thought is that it would hard to demonstrate that more teams got off to slow starts after the move to two pre-season games. (Didn’t that happen in 1986? I’m pretty sure there were bad teams before that.)

However, I’ve always believed that a shorter pre-season favours the teams that are already strong and do not have to do as much evaluation because most of the pieces are already in place for them. A rebuilding team has minimal opportunity to see new recruits in action, or to allow their team to gain experience under a new system. In other words, a shorter pre-season helps perpetuate inequality.

(I suppose this would be the Marxist critique of CFL schedules. Fortunately for Eastern teams, the playoffs are structured to grant some advantage to the weaker of the two divisions, which is arguably a form of redistribution of wealth. And the salary cap system also helps prevent dynasties, for the most part.)

But what stadiums are they playing in for these neutral site games?

I wouldn’t be interested in more preseason. Couldn’t most of the concerns be addressed with longer training camps and/or more practices during the season?

OTT, EDM and CGY had lots of changes on their rosters, they seem to be doing fine.

The teams with new Head Coaches in TOR, BC, MTL and SSK seem to be having the troubles

football is a dangerous enough sport without introducing more meaningless games where star players can potentially get injured.

Ever watch NFL preseason games? woof