Is Pre-game on Radio

I am in the states and cannot find anyway to listen to or see the game pre-game today. Does anyone know of a radio station that might be broadcasting the game that also have a feed over the internet?

Many Thanks

I always listen to the exhibition games on CJAD radio. They have a site at I plan on listening to it this afternoon.

Don't follow their daily schedule for today. The game is mentioned to be broadcasted on their sports page. Here's the link so it will be broadcasted this afternoon. :smiley:

Many thanks to both. :wink:

Both? Never knew I had a split personality.

AS an ex Montreal now living in Ontario I am enjoying listening to CJAD- thanks for your post.

Yep, that's what I have been told :O) (Just kidding)

Sorry, I guess I did not pay attention. thank YOU for the info!