Is Popp Returning to Montreal?

Sorry for the clickbait. :flushed:

That would be Preston Popp and CF Montreal.


OK, I normally hate clickbait, but this one made me laugh out loud! Well-played, sir.

You beat me to it Sheldon.

You scared us.

Not Popp again. Nooooo

Je ne sais pas si je dois te féliciter ou te frapper :rofl:


He was not drafted by any MLS team in the 3 rounds after all.

Not in the know regarding MLS, but could he still try out for any MLS team at some point given he is undrafted?

Can't say I'm an MLS expert either, but I assume he could. Would be cool to have him in Montreal.

A close fried of mine coached him in minor hockey when he was here in Montreal.
Said for a youngster he was a pleasure to coach. Always worked hard and was very respectful.

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You got me lol

This thread made me look up Jim Popp! He's currently the RB coach and assistant HC for Alabama State.

Yes, any MLS team can sign him. But given >50% of drafted players aren't signed, if he wants to play, most likely route is to sign for a USL team.

MLS draft has become largely not relevant as nearly all teams now develop players through their academies. Less than 3 players drafted/yr actually play in the MLS.

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