Is Popp really that needy?

great performance today by the Als.
Had to laugh at Popp. Last year he made sure he was front and centre during the awarding of the Grey Cup and then today he made sure he was the first one to receive the Eastern trophy.
Only GM in any sport I’ve seen insert himself so much. Has he always been so needy of attention?

He's the only GM this franchise has known since its return to the league in '96. If you can point to anyone as the architect of the rebirth of Alouettes football in Montreal, Jim Popp is the person. Sure, he's got an ego, but he works his tail off to make this Als franchise elite year in and year out, has done so for 14 years. He's entitled to a little face time and a little recognition.

Add to that the President quit and Trestman didn't want to touch the thing... Someone had to accept the trophy. I spose we could have sent Ronnie James.

Je crois que Popp mérite aussi que son travail soit reconnu.

Il représente toute l'équipe, des dépisteurs aux joueurs qu'il assemble sur le terrain, et il n'est pas injuste qu'il puisse célébrer les succès de son équipe.

Popp n'a pas l'habitude de voler la vedette, et je ne crois pas qu'il l'ait fait en acceptant ce titre. Sans doute les joueurs et Trestman voulaient-ils montrer qu'ils savent que tout n'est pas encore fini.

Football ops is one man, Popp, and yeah he will be on stage, i have no issue with this. smith had no autorithy on the football side of Ops, and since they were at war to an extent, there was no way, he would have let Smith on stage.

I have previously posted that I thought that Jim Popp was the football equivalent to Sam Pollock of the Canadiens. You simply can't have winning teams, dynasties, without players who can compete at an elite level. The Als are the team they are largely due to the savvy, the eye-for-talent, and the wheeling and dealing required to attract top-level athletes required to ensure consecutive winning seasons. Some how, Popp has managed to find them on a consistent basis. Sure, there may have been fish that wiggled off the line, but the fish we have are A-OK in my book!

Under the circumstances, he can step forward and take a well-deserved bow.

As usual, jkm, my thoughts are pretty parallel to yours. But there are a few not-so-talented-top-level athletes on this team. Those who counted this year ARE on an "elite level", but some of the others . . . ????? Very interesting how some even made it this far. Will be interesting to see what next year brings.


Well, AAAL, I would have a good look at the secondary. We have discussed all season long the absolutely mind-boggling number of the PIs this team has committed. Those penalties gave opposing teams instant field position and kept drives going. We never quite reached a consensus on that one; it's either insufficent coaching or perhaps, as you suggest, not-so-talented personnel. The STs also ran hot and cold, especially on downfield coverage; this is an area that needs to be addressed as well.

At any rate, I would love to engage in a discussion on this one, but not now - we have a GC to win!!!

Go Als go!!!!

He sure looked needy yesterday. This is the first time I have ever seen management running around with the cup like a schoolkid. I thought only Maciocia would stoop that low. The players should have been holding the trophy!

Certains ont reproché à Popp son absence cette saison. Peut-être faisait-il du rattrapage?

Une chose est sûre : il est le meilleur homme qu'on pourrait mettre au poste qu'il occupe.

The fact that he is good at his job is no excuse for trying to steal the players thunder.

Needy or not, I'll never thank him enough for bringing the Cup to the Als fans waiting & cheering behind the teams bench & let us put our hands on it , right after our back-to-back championship !

He wasn't a great coach.....but he's an awesome GM !

He might have been a bit needy, but I have likened Popp to a football equivalent of Sammy Pollock. You can't win GCs if you don't have the right players! So far, that is precisely what Popp has brought the Als. May he continue to do so for years to come!

Now we all know why Deslauriers was kept on the team despite sub-par performances. I bet Trestman was saving the direct snap to him all year and, Sunday he took this snap for ten yards at a crucial time when the team needed a first down to sustain a good drive.

Je ne crois pas que ce soit exactement ça : comment Trestman aurait-il pu prévoir avant la saison qu'il aurait besoin d'un tel jeu? Les Alouettes avaient préparé et fait ce jeu avec Mathieu Proulx. Normalement, si Proulx s'était pointé dans la formation à cet endroit, les Roughriders auraient peut-être fait plus attention à cette possibilité, Proulx l'ayant déjà réussie durant la saison. Mais Proulx étant blessé, Trestman pouvait tenter le même jeu avec un joueur aussi obscur que Deslauriers. Les Roughriders ne feraient sans doute pas attention à lui. C'est ce qui est arrivé et ça a très bien fonctionné.

Deslauriers a tout de même eu une assez bonne partie contre les Argonauts à la dernière partie de la saison. Trestman savait donc qu'il pourrait aussi réussir ce jeu avec lui.