Is Pinball a smart coach based on his QB decision?

I say NO,Pinball waited too long to play Michael Bishop in the Eastern Final.
Had he given Bishop a few downs or more to see what he would do in the second quarter then I'd say Pinball was a good coach.
Pinball did the easy thing,nothing ,and Damon Allen accomplished about the same amount.
Kudos last week,nothing this week .

Pinball was dumb not to start Bishop, in my opion he made the choice for his friend and not the team.

i think pinball made a bad decision. He should have put in Michael Bishop a lot earlier. Damen Allen has been a good quarterback over the years but his time is pretty much done. I think its time for him to retire. He should leave when he is respected before he falls apart and people start booing him. His career was great and you have to have respect for a guy like that but his time has come. It will be really hard for anyone to pass his record. He is teh record holder and he acheived that this year which was at the tiger cat game. Thats another reason why ti cat fans are so great. Even though we dont like the argos, the minute Damen Allen achieved that record the tiger cat fans gave him a standing ovation. THat was good to see. It shows the kind of respect we have for a guy like that. But i think with that being said he could leave with class. Michael Bishop is probably the future of the Toronto Argo organization.

But with that being said, I have to admit though, it was nice not to see toronto advance this year to the grey cup..hehehe

Is Pinball a smart coach....absolutely.
Is he guilty of sticking with his veteran players (in this case Allen) longer than he should have in yesterdays game....Yes. But to Pinballs credit 99 percent of all coachs in all sports tend to "go with the veteran" longer than they should.

And Michael Bishop is probably not the future of the Argos or any CFL team. Bishop had his chance when Allen was hurt earlier in the year. Did he step up and become a leading QB.... Nope.

Bishop looked good the last two games.
I understand that coaches all stick with their veterens ,but a "smart" coach thinks ahead and makes the change earlier.
Enjoy not making any changes Sunday Pinball.

Not so fast Bishop was playing Arena football right till the end of the summer and not available to the Argos till Labour Day. If you remember he came in for some quarteback sneaks. That was his first game.

He looked pretty good I think he deserves a shot at number 1 if he can get out of his Arena deal.

Pinball is more of an inspirational coach than a smart coach. Sticking with Allen is exactly what I expected although I thought the 2nd half QB change would have come following the intermission.

Id still like to see Bishop next season be in a game where the defence wasnt playing off with a lead . i`ll reserve my judgement till then . He did look very good yesterday and he has the tools , the question is does he have the smarts ??

Racist :twisted:

Frankly Who Care I wanted Monrteal to Win.

So They Lose to BC in The Grey Cup..


you dont judge how smart a person is based on one decision.

Not accurate.

He was available long before Labour Day but the Blue Team was set on Wynn. Only after Austin got the can did the Argos contact Bishop to return.

He made the right decision IMO.

Bishop has done squat in his time with the Argos.......he's been inconsistent and although he had a good game last week, that's no reason to take out the greatest football player of all-time. There's no absoluet proof that Allen was in a slump, having a bad game, or in need or retirement.

I agree with TOFAN. Hindsight's 20/20, if he starts Bishop or goes to him very early and he throws a couple of picks, then Pinball is dumb for putting in a career (so far) backup who happened to throw a couple of good passes in the last game, in favour of a well seasoned veteran. Kudos to Pinball for pulling DA the first p-o game, and even earlier in the second game.

Pinball thought, as I did, that DA would be much more fired up for the game than he appeared to be.

Montreal was simply the better team yesterday.

That's funny.

that's no reason to take out the greatest football player of all-time.
I agree, too bad the greatest football player of all time wasnt in the game at all.