Is Paul Macallum a Criminal??

Got a good laugh out of this little banter. :lol: :lol:

Funny stuff. And proving that technology is no replacement for intelligence....

The guy was a moron.

I hate sitting around those kind of losers...there is anger management available these days. I mean, it's a football game - dude sounds hostile.

Looks like a Tillman windup doll.

I was thinking maybe this is the guy who drove the manure truck.

I love how he posts it on the web so the world can see he is a moron

Maybe it wasn't he himself who posted that .It could have been one of his buddies trying to impress people. If he himself did post that , it doesn't speak to well for his IQ. He could blame alcohol for his game time behavior , but posting after the fact , what do you blame it on ?

I was sitting in the area. It wasn't him recording it, or any of his buddies. I love the guy. He makes the terrible product on the field entertaining.

Arius was that you yapping in the tape! Wouldn't suprise me one bit.

As an Argo fan I travel to Hamilton to watch them take on the 'Cats each year. I recognize that voice on the video. My seats are just to the left of him. He is very a belligerent and annoying "fan" who has caused many people not to return to Ivor Wynne stadium.

I have written to the 'Cats front office as have others about his looks like the Ti-Cats front office is about as tough on him as the the Ti-Cat players have been on opposing teams.

He's also candidate for comeback response of the year: "I don't care! You think I care!"

Obviously, he doesn't care he's at a game, he's just there to show that his mouth and @$$h0le are interchangeable.

I love McCallum's comeback when the guy says they will lose in the playoffs.

why dont some of you get together and meet him outside the stadium before the game, and "convince" him that he doesnt want to go inside.

FootbalYouBet, good one!!! You made my day!!! Oh & congrats to your Lions on yet another good year..