Is Our Season Over?!

Now, after the 20-2 loss to the Argos on Saturday, do you think that all of our playoff hopes are crushed, or do we still have a chance with labour day?!

Yeh! Like a snowball in hell!


Well, I would have to say it is looking that way. Because Damon Allen is only going to play better now that he is back. And I think we might be too far back to have a chance to catch the Bombers even with Glenn and Stegall hurt.

I’d give the team until the Labour Day home and home with the Argos and if they don’t show signs of turning a corner, show Lancaster, Paopao, and Erdman the door. Put the new coach and his staff in place soon thereafter and give them a chance to install their system and evaluate players to get a head start on next season.

Two games left against the Argo's, but even if we win,its doubtfull that we will finish ahead on the point spread.

The argo's don't look all that apt to win a bunch of games the way they are playing, and the Divisions are tight so everyone will be teeing off on them (and us!) as a means of padding their stats.

Winnipeg doesn't look healthy at all, and if they don't get BOTH Kevin Glenn and Milt back in the lineup, well, we sort of spilled the beans on how to beat up on them...mind, we have to win three more games than they do in the balance of the season to even draw level

I prefer to cling to the shredded belief that Ronnie will reform this team, and players get the message to play for pride, if not their job.

I don't want to even think about the coaches...

But, mathematically, it could still lips to God's Ears...

Never over till its over or the fat lady sings...I thought I herd singing in that last game or was that crying.

It's probably too late in the season to overhaul the coaching staff so we'll probably be forced to watch this pathetic offence for the rest of the season.

Unless something drastic happens on offence, like spreading the ball around, running a more balanced offence (sticking to a running game), and putting some creativity into the offensive gameplan I think the rest of our season is going to go pretty much the same way as the first half.

Thus, we're going to have a tired defence who tries hard every week and an offence that doesn't score. So I think we'll end up somewhere in the 5-13 range again. It's pretty clear to me that we have a lame duck coaching staff and that a major change will be made once the season ends. (Wow, another great off-season PR move awaiting Ti-Cat management! I bet they'll be thrilled. Maybe they'll hire someone competent for a change.)

Back to the playoffs for us this year. Maybe the #1 pick in the draft though. :thdn:

I honestly can't see us beating any team in the league.
Toronto was the only team that I thought we could beat considering their injuries.

I hope I'm wrong but...

It's not over until we are mathematically eliminated from play-off contention. Now somebody please pass me some more of that kool-aide...

And sign the Kool-Aid man to be our left tackle while you're at it. Ive seen him bust through walls, he has shown great explosiveness on the game tape/commercials!

Oh God that was funny! Thank you, that's going to be my sig. :thup:

At first glance I thought you were saying something about a herd of fat lady's singing at the last game. :o :lol:

Seriously though, I think if this team got a couple of wins the confidence would have a ripple effect that could easily salvage the season and get you a playoff berth.

There's a good chance that you'll split the series with Saskatchewan, (they're not a team prone to winning more than one in a row.) Assuming the Argos split with the Als and the Blue Bombers, you'll be able to tie the Argos in wins on Labour Day, leaving you virtually tied going into the home stretch with a lot of confidence to boot.

With a possibility of facing Marcus Crandall who hasn't played this year, I believe it's possible you could win the next two, and then there may be no stopping you. Confidence goes a LONG way in winning football games, and this team has scored 38 points in Montreal, so they obviously have talent.

It's not often I try to give our arch-rivals some optimism, but I just think too many of you are writing the season off too early. I think the spark might come when a certain OC is let go within a week or two.

I refuse to believe that those guys in the locker room can't reach down deep and get a rally's not impossible and we are far from being officially eliminated...

Let's get busy and get it done lads!

The rally starts in Saskatchewan! :cowboy:

I still believe! :stuck_out_tongue:

Aahh , so your the one. :slight_smile:

Man,I hope you are right Tuck! It could be too little too late...but hey Never say Never!

My major concern is that we may lose some very good free-agents who won't want to sign here after such a major let-down. Perhaps we should be looking at making the wholesale coaching change now!

We don't have a bye-week untill late in the season (at least that would give a new coach and OC some extra time)and reality speaks to us not having enough wins to make the play-offs unless we win the next couple of games. If that happens we will just prolong the agony and end up doing all the changes in the off-season!

I say...make a move now and roll the dice!

I'm just saying that if you guys had won on Saturday you'd have had the last playoff spot at that point. You lost, but there are still 9 games left. I don't believe that common belief out there that it'll take about 9 wins to get into the playoffs, 7 should do it, and that's only a slightly better than .500 from here on in, and you don't have to play Montreal anymore. Keep the faith, at least until after the Labour Day game. :thup:

Does anyone really care? The way the team has played this year a) they don't deserve to make the playoffs, no matter what they do in the second half and b) they'd just get smoked anyway. Remember our last plafoff appearance? And that was coming off a 9-8-1 season. In fact the longer team ownership buys into the old "its not too late" theory, the longer we have to wait for progres towards the future. No, this is just another lost year where we'll make a late run hoping to match last year's won-loss record, picking up a few games late in the year when things have long been settled. And for those folks pointing out that we're on target to get the number one pick next year, remember we're likely looking at expansion back into Ottawa, which will mean even more players lost. Last time around we got royally screwed. With the track record of our football operation I can't wait to see how we handle an expansion draft.

I like being optimisic and usually am,but, after losing 20-2 to that team,I'm not.

I think we stand a good chance of redeeming ourselves temporarily Sat night in Regina,but hot and cold seems to be it.

Is the season over?

I find it difficult to even go to the stadium now after the last two contests ,if thats what they were.

Seasons tic's next year ....why?

New coach and no Pao Pao or Erdman :thup: .

gotta agree. thank god for the nfl preseason.