Is Our Offensive Line Good Enough Right Now?

They looked brutal at times against the Riders. Run blocking isn't an issue, but pass blocking/our ability to handle the blitz is suspect. Casey was running for his life more than once.

Do we have the horses on the O-Line to get it done, or do we have to tweak it a bit?

Should we add another good young O-Lineman to the mix with our first pick in next year's draft?

Has Hudson really made a difference since he's been back?

Is Cavka (who was embarassingly pancaked by Fred Perry on one play) an answer?

Are Woodard and Donnelly over the hill?

Is the young crew of Gagne-Marcoux (who missed some key blocks against the Riders) and Dyakowski (who has some injury woes now) going to get better?

Can Ince or Rempel challenge for a starting job next year?

Lots of questions here.

In a word - nope.

another word
nuh huh

I don't know much about the free agent scene this year, but we don't really have the time to continuously wait around for o-linemen to develop.

If there is a reliable, established one out there Marcel should definately be making a push.

The line improved a ton once coach Sal was removed from the booth last year.
Make Sal the O-Line coach, and watch how much better our guys look!