Is Ottawa coming Back in 07?

Is Ottawa coming back in 2007? Apparently 10 or so parties are interested in buying the team.



But no betting of mortgages or first-born. :lol:

We should know answer for '07 by early Sept at latest.

Considering the seriousness of the interest by many parties (as many as 20 serious bidders) confirmed by Tom Wright, it's a safe bet to say yes, us Ottawa fans will finally have a reason to be excited about football again in Ottawa.

Well we don't need the 3rd coming of Lonnie Glieberman in the person of Frank D'angelo...puleeze.
I think Commissioner Wright is doing a great job, but it will be key for him to give rebirth to Ottawa next season, -- with a credible and committed local ownership .... Melnyk. Do it.
Also, the league officials have to pound on the point with the media that Ottawa is a good football market. I am getting annoyed with the Toronto media's negative smirking comments about Ottawa. If anything the last 30 years have proven what a great market Ottawa is ..... for all the mismanagment, poor teams, and circuses they've endured.
Commissioner Wright...please work hard on this quietly and surprise us later or at the end of the season with a new and capable ownership.

No kidding. After over 20 years of futility and incompetent management, there was still close to 20,000 fans showing up at FCS. In Toronto and Hamilton, after only a few years they had much less than that. This shows which one is the REAL football city.

BTW: Number of interested parties has never been said to be 20.

Wright told Vancouver radio just before BOG meetings, that about 10 had expressed interest and that there were serious candidates.

Many of these guys c/b tire kickers again; some may want to wait til '08; some League might not want for whatever reason after they do more homework on them.

The one thing I remember clearly from the Ottawa Team 1200 interview is that none of the interested parties were tire-kickers. Some may be more commited than others, but I clearly remember Wright saying that none were tire-kickers.

Yeah, he indicated as much. But I find it hard to believe that all these 10 are as serious as the other, are willing to plunk down the big bucks for a franchise fee, know what they are really up against, aren’t going to engage in crazy talk about moving them to QC, Halifax etc.

If there are 10 dead-serious bidders, where were they before 04 GC when it was known that Watters group wanted out, in May of 05 when Gliebs were only option or late March once it became apparent Glieberman wasn’t going to fund the team.

At most, I’d say there were three credible, deep-pocketed and acceptable candidates.

I miss the Gades!!!!

Well, Wright has made it a point since announcing his departure that bringing Gades back is now among his top priorities before leaving. He was quoted in Nat Post yesterday as saying that if it is to happen for '07, we'll know in 3 mths as opposed to 6.

Story today did re-affirm that interest was expressed by about a dozen parties, but that only 3-4 are considered serious.

I wouldn’t call 3-4 serious perties “only”.

'Only" in relation to total number, that's all.

3-4 wins in a season can be called only. 3-4 serious parties interested in the purchase of a team is a lot. Often times, you only 1, 2 if you're lucky. So things are looking good for Ottawa. :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the perception of the situation and the team exploding? I am living in Calgary but grew up in Ottawa. I was shocked that the team disappeared. Very upset with the CFL in general. I remembered its the game I enjoy not necessarily some of the people in it. I was involved in the little known CFL FAN DISPERSAL DRAFT for the Renegades, picked up by Eskimos for family reasons with a one year contract with a with an option year. That I hope I dont have the exercise and return to Ottawa fooball. I have read what I can on the net but what is the real feeling? This maybe a rehash of what has been said before. Last thing I heard was stories regarding Steelback brewery and now I see that they have commercials in the CBC football broadcasts. Is this the if I buy some advertising now maybe you will look at me more seriously ploy?

Forget Steelback.

New Ottawa owner can't be anyone who will give League/BOG any reason for concern. D'Angelo's self-promotion --- and other reasons -- fits that bill.

General feeling? Well, hard-cored Gades fans were and still are royally PO'd at way League (and BOG) handled it. Others, realize there wasn't a lot of reasons to keep it going with so much uncertainty.

But Wright and most of the governors have been pretty adamnant that they want Otatwa to return --- under all right conditions of course.

Yes, '07 is possible. If that were to happen, announcement would have to be no later than mid-Sept or so.

I really don't know why all this hostility against the CFL for the Ottawa situation.
I find it disheartening how the fans seem to be blaming the league by en large for the mess. Sure, the league has some culpability but the majority of the blame has to be with the fans of Ottawa.
Not only did they not step up when the returning franchise was awarded by the Lysko regime to the underfunded Watters family connection, where were they when it was know for a good year before how the disfunctional group were bickering and most if not all wanted out.
Why no local saviour to buy and clean up the mess. So, the mess falls into Tom Wright's hands and like he said, no one again came up locally to buy and it was either fold or the Gleibs. So, the former would have been better then the latter in retrospect?
At the end of the day, look in the mirror fans of Ottawa notwithstanding the difunctional "owners" the citizens did not buy enough tickets to encourage a local owner to come forward.
Remember how the same thing is true with the Sens, if it wasn't for Melnyk, what US city would now have the team?
Reap what you sow.
Now with the last kick at the can, who is willing to come forward, again no one apparent locally and up to five groups outside the region are interested, but only one with local connections.

You might have some valid points except for the fact the Tom Wright and even some of the governors have accepted the fact that they were responsible for what happened to the franchise.

Wright has been pretty consistent and said repeatedly since last BOG meeting that getting team back is one of his priorities.

Of course, when a team is returned, it will be up to fans of city to come out. But let's not once again perpetuate the myth that attendance was so bad it was that fact that caused team to disappear.

TW and the league was partially responsible like I have said. The main cause, no.
As for the fans, why not start a drive now for season tickets with a deposit of let's say a refundable $100 and show the new potential owners how great the fans truly are?
If I remember, didn't a local Ottawa guy(name escapes me) try to do something like that after the team folded the first time and before the Watters fiasco.

Maybe you've forgotten the only reason your team didn't fold under the same circumstances is because the league saved them.
Reap what you sow?
You're sowing a giant punch to the cack.