Is offside every called on recievers

Actually saw the game on TSN comcast in Maryland in the States the riders Vs BC Lions. Seems sasks recievers were offside everyplay. Is this ever called in the CFL. On another note, Durant made some great decisions beside the two int's but his timing was way off on some throws.

I was saying there offside almost every play myself.

...can't speak for the specific game your referencing but the simple answer is 'yes' receivers in motion who cross the LOS prior to the ball being snapped are offside and should be flagged as such....

One thing I've started watching for in regards to receivers being offside is that often the camera angles aren't perfectly aligned with the LOS; therefore, it sometimes appears receivers (for many teams) are indeed offside. When you actually look at the yard markings on the field rather than the alignment of the players on the field, and where the receivers are in relation to those markers when the ball is snapped, more often than not the receivers are onside.

There is also the 1-yd "Ray Elgaard" rule...most refs will give the benefit of the doubt to the receiver if it's close to avoid stoppages in play.

It's like hockey where in the home arena, home team gets away with murder on offsides. No question in the CFL there is a very, very liberal interpretation of the 1 yard rule, especially with the home team. Everyone knows it. Like watching the Yanks in Yankee Stadium or the Bo Sox or whatever, the ump has a very liberal strike zone for the home team I'd be saying from what I see.