Is Obie wating for Steve Burrato?

Steve was the O.C. with the B.C. Lions
when Casey Printer's had his MVP year.

Steve is waiting to see if he has
won the Montreal Head Coaching job.


Some of Steve's bio

Steve Buratto was responsible for the emergence
of 2004 CFL Most Outstanding Player Casey Printers

and just prior to that in his last two seasons
as the Offensive Coordinator in Calgary,

his offence finished among the league leaders
in total offence, rushing yards and most first downs.

[ Obie was providing players to both these teams ]

As O.C. of the Baltimore Stallions in 1994 and 1995,
when they made back-to-back Grey Cup appearances,

he helped build one of the greatest
offences in league history.

In 2000, after taking over as Head Coach
mid-way through the season Steve's offence

led the B.C. Lions to the Grey Cup Championship.

Buratto was the Lions’ Offensive Coordinator in 2003
and helped guide his team to the Grey Cup in 2004.

His first Head Coaching job was with
the Calgary Stampeders in 1984,

Don't know if it is S.B., but you can bet he is waiting for someone. If he really wanted Taffe as his 1st choice, he would have said so.
This waiting game tells me Obie is waiting till the the 'other' Teams finish their coaching interviews.
We will see what shakes out from this...
The Eagle :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

It seems like all teams are waiting for the other team to make the first move. This could extend the wait, everybody is eying the other applicants. :smiley:

This works in our favour considering we have our head coach under contract. Montreal can "settle" for someone else and cant afford to wait as long as the Ticats can.

Obie didn't know Charlie at all,
about football until this week.

I am so glad Obie doesn't have
the microwave mentality that
so many fans have.

If the story about Obie waiting to see if Burratto is available is true, Obie is obviously trying to get the right people into place in order to maximize Printers' talents.

This obviously bodes well for fans hoping for changes to the O-Line and receiving corps, also.

In my opinion, with the exception of Printers, Lumsden, Caulley, Davis, Hage, Dyakowski, and Gagne-Marcoux, I don't think anyone's job is safe on O for next year.

(Notice I omitted Woodard, Cavka, Hudson, Richie Williams, Chang, Armstead, Curry, Bauman, Ralph, and Walker?)

I highly doubt that BOTH Chang & Williams are gone next year. That would mean that Obie would need to find 2 Backup QBs.
What is the chance of that?
I say Williams stays; Chang - not to sure how secure he is...
The Eagle :thup: :thup: :thup:

With regards to the excellent crop of candidates applying for the Montreal HC position, I think that most, if not all, would be a suitable replacement for Taaffe, should he be dismissed.

I'm glad Taaffe was retained for another season and I think Steve Burrato would be a welcome addition to our OC position.

I could be wrong but I don't think Burrato is free to go to another team as a OC unless the Argos release him. Teams generally allow a coach to better themselves if possible, but not lateral moves.
It is my understanding Burrato signed a two year contract last year with the Argos.
Personally I wouldn't be too disappointed if he did move, because IMO he isn't the right guy to get the best out of Bishop.

The Montreal Gazette is saying Marcel Belliveau (sp)? has the inside track as the OC in Hamilton. That's a little surprising to me, he hasn't exactly has great success in Regina and Montreal the pass few years.

Two questions come to mind.

  1. Would the Argos want to keep SB knowing he’d rather be somewhere else?

  2. Why would SB want to go to a 3-15 team with not as much to look forward to as the team he’s with.

I hear what you’re saying about Bishop’s play under SB but he did have a 11-2 record. The jury’s still out for me. Is Bishop the 11-2 QB or the QB who can’t win the big ones?

An Argo-Cat fan