Is No News a Good Thing

Speculation, Speculation is running wild. CFL fans are waiting for any kind of news and getting none. Consequently, I'm wondering if the league's finances are worst than what we're led to believe. IMO Montreal Toronto & Vancouver are key to the CFL's survival. The CFL will probably play a 21 season in some form but in 2022 I can see Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver joining the XFL and the CFL become a six team league. Sounds farfetched but wouldn't that make a lot of sense & I wouldn't be surprised this is the discussion.

As both leagues just announced they are entering into formal talks last week, I don't think we're going to hear any confirmed news for months. IMO June or July. Otherwise, it will be just speculation.

The this new venture wants everything the CFL has including the TV deal and national sponsorship, they will want all 9 teams on board. Weather all 9 want to join at first will be a different story but they may take more time to iron out. Hence the thought of a 2023 launch.

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My thoughts are that the CFL knows the TV money is down south. Football is the "big dog" right through N.A. and is making inroads in other countries.

Our sports broadcasters have not really stepped up or we wouldn't be talking about this right now. ESPN is a CFL broadcaster in the US. Combining both leagues gives a broadcaster a lot of games if they want. CFL sort of gives the new league a good start and instant credibility. ESPN is a big player for US sports so for them or another to pickup broadcast rights should give the new league a big boost. I don't think topping the TSN deal will be hard to do in the US.


A six team league without the 3 markets would be a disastrous thing.

TSN would not pay as much without any of the markets.

Love how fans are willing to sacrifice the Canadian in the CFL just to have football.