Is new City Council GC friendly

I dont know the answer.

Lets hope there are some CFL fans among the newbies.

The next excuse will be the roads are torn up for LRT work. So maybe 2025ish.

If Hamilton doesn’t go for next year that will the case.

But I think Mitchell and company are more interested in getting the soccer league going than rewarding the long waiting Ticat fans by hosting a Grey Cup game.

This is my biggest fear as well.

We will never know because nobody in the organization talks about anything but the past.

LRT shouldn't be an issue, they don't tear up the entire 17km route at once, they do it a section at a time. They'll plan the sections to minimize disruption and allow for alternative routes.

So, with enough warning, it's possible to incorporate a GC in to the equation. If they want to host say a 2021-2022 GC, that'll be harder to accommodate.

Contact your ward councillors and tell them you want a GC in Hamilton for 2020. Help get it done!

One cup in 48 years. Doesn’t look good.

I do believe we hosted a Grey Cup in 1996 . That would be 24 years, unless you are thinking of the 72 Grey Cup which we hosted and won. That would be 48 years .

Pat Lynch (the old composite numbers guy)

Would actually be 46 years :slight_smile:

That damn abacus ! Probably needs new batteries. Of course the Count is right . :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old person)

I would say talk with John-Paul Danko from what I know. BTW, the few times I’ve met him, he’s a great guy, intelligent and when I met him last a year or so ago, a big TiCats fan and Grey Cup fan. This guy is the real deal. And is on very good terms with Fred Eisenberger, both on the same page with respect to LRT and how this can be transformative for Hamilton. As he admit though, there will be a learning curve for him and the other new council members, I can certainly appreciate that but someone admitting that is a plus for his personality and outlook I would say.

Abacus: A type of old school mathematical App. ;D

Seriously though what the hell is the hold up for a Grey Cup? Throw some temporary bleachers in the end zone and let it fly. Who is responsible for this dithering?

Our new stadium is going to be due for renovations by time we get around to hosting this thing.

Well, unlike the now-obsolete NHL-sized hockey arena, at least it’s getting used for its intended purpose.

Between 1972 and 2020, Hamilton hosted one Grey Cup in 1996.

It’s way past due, the parties in charge need to make this happen.

Actually it was 1996, the Snow Bowl.

According to my tee-shirt, Hamilton hosted the 1996 Grey Cup with the Argos beating the Esks in the snow .

Pat Lynch (the old …)

Council will have to vote on any City funds going towards a GC bid. We all know coucil votes are a gong show. I have no doubt that many of them will have their flippers out as in whats in it for me to ensure their “support”.

Hamilton played in the 1999 cup and won, but BC was the host. The last cup Hamilton hosted was 1996.

I just wanted to be the 4th person to correct you