Not that many people here know the names of the head refs, however I believe the question can now be asked who is the worst?
By far and away Murray Clarke is my choice, not only for his debacle in Vancouver during the Als fiasco which clearly he bungled, but yesterday we had a brawl that broke out and as a former official(ump and hockey) I can tell you by en large its the quality of the official which ultimately can cause all heck to break loose.
After the Vancouver mess up, the league agreed it was the fault of the on field and off field officials and how no one would be adversely penialized. Say what?
Now I would like to hear what the reaction to yesterday's game in Winnipeg, where coach Andrus said after the game it was the non calls which lead to the ref losing control.
I know the league wants to bring in new blood, but this guy cannot be a head ref, reduce him back down to where he was as a linesman.

…don’t usually like to jump the refs…HOWEVER seeing as you took it there…Brutal non-call of pass interference on Amey on the 10 yd. line… also the officials should have jumped in between Moreno and Smith when Dorian threw that haymaker…Clarke should definitely have been in the middle of that… :wink:

The league was quite clear that off field officials were to blame for the Vancouver incident, not the on field guys.

As far as getting in the middle of a bru-ha-ha like last night in Winnipeg, there's seven officials, average height 5' 10", average weight 185lbs. The players involved, average height 6' 4", average weight, what, 275? Not to mention there's 24 players plus the ones that flooded off the bench. What exactly are you expecting the officials to do here?

And the coach of a 3 and 8 team blaming the officials for "non calls"? Why isn't he blaming his players for all their "non-catches" and their "non-tackles"and the other coaches for their "non-inspired plays"? Typical...blame seven guys in stripes...easier I guess....

Referee's don't usually throw Pass Interference calls.

And, As Hoss pointed out, 5'10" Officials with no equipment are going to break up Linemen in full gear?

Watching the game, the players went stupid. They know the consequences of fighting. They got the "Heave Ho" for their actions.

Besides, we like Murray Clarkes crew out here in B.C.! :wink: :wink: :wink:

The biggest problem I have with the refs is inconisistency. It seems to be rather random what constitutes holding, pass interference or any other call all within a single football game. If a certain crew would consistently call a certain way then the play of the game would unfold based on that information. It is very frustrating when one team is called for PI with a little tug of the shirt while the other tackles the receiver and no flag is thrown.

What do our refs do during the week? Do they have regular jobs? I think they should be full time and practise and evaluate their perfromances in between games much the same as the players do. Maybe then we would see some consistency and an improvement in the performance of our referees.

Ah, the old refs should be full time argument. No football ref in any league is full time.......!!!! Refs do review game film, they do have discussions between games. They do get evaluated!

Until they can put a chip in the brain of a ref that allows them to have a 360 degree view of all the action and the ability to slow down the play they are viewing, you are going to have blown calls.

Please show me a single sport that involves refs that fans do not complain about reffing?

The question is: Is Murray Clarke the worst referee
The answer is: Yes, he is, followed a close second by Bud Steen.

Ugh...Steen gets my vote...I cringe everytime I find out he's doing one of our games...

Please show me a single sport that involves refs that fans do not complain about reffing?
Tiddely winks?

You didn't hear about the tiddlywinks brawl that started when Winky Tiddle accused the referee of allowing his opponent Tid Winkie to use an illegal Squidger in the Tiddlywinks Association championship?

Sorry, that must have been in the mixed league.
Im a purist...women only

But did you see that play last week where Wee Willy Winky took sandpaper to her tiddelies?
I was SURE she was going to get called for "intentional roughness"!

I have found the refing has been decent this year, sure some calls dont agree or some not called but i watch alot of sports and some No Fun League games and i find we are lucky compared to what i see elswhere. I find it not that bad.

I"m with you Riderfan, there's been a couple controversies, but the officiating has been pretty steady from what I have seen.

I don't have any complaints with the officiating, but I must say that Bud Steen always looks so perturbed when he is out there on the field.

I do wish the NFL would adopt the CFL procedure of the referee identifying the offending player by team as opposed to saying offence or defence.